The Apothecary Room

A highly thematic semi-private game room for your next Roleplaying Session, Birthday Party, or other small group activity.

Designed by the creators of the D4 D&D 5E Actual Play stream, our Apothecary Room creates a thematic backdrop for your next gaming session.

The room has the old-world feel of a Wizard's Library, its walls filled with scrolls and potions from a mythical past.

Many of the features of the room were custom designed by local artists, creating a truly unique experience for our guests.

Beyond the artistry of the room, the ceilings are packed with sound-absorbing foam to soften the acoustics, and the lighting system includes a professional LED panel.  The lighting can be tuned to your experience, creating a warm glow across your tablescape.

The Apothecary Room is available by reservation.  Recurring appointments are also available, with prices as low as $20.00 per four-hour.

We also offer a variety of free sessions in the room.  See below for a complete chart of services available.

Services Offered

The Apothecary Room comfortably seats up to six adults.  While additional seating is permitted, if you're looking to host more than half a dozen folks, please talk with a staff member to confirm the logistics before booking the room.

Included in all Services

Prior to arrival, the room is cleaned and disinfected, and the tables will be configured to your liking.

All bookings include 20 minutes of setup time prior to the start of your reservation.  For example, if you've booked the room for 6:30pm, you can arrive as early as 6:10pm to begin setting up the room to your liking.

Additionally, all reservations include an additional 10 minutes for your party to finish packing up.

Basic Rates

1 Hour – $25.00
2 Hours – $45.00
4 Hours – $60.00

Additional hours, beyond the 4th, may be added at a rate of $15.00 per hour.

Weeknight Subscriptions

For those that want to game more regularly in the room, we're now offering our Weeknight Subscription.

If you're gaming group meets weekly, you can reserve the Apothecary Room on your weeknight for a reduced rate.  Weeknights are Monday – Thursday.

Subscriptions are paid in advance, and must be used on the specific night of the week noted in the subscription.

Subscription payments are non-refundable.  Subscriptions begin on the day the payment is made, and expire after the set number of weeks.  Missed weeks cannot be made up.

4-13 Weeks – $30.00 per week
14-26 Weeks – $25.00 per week
52 Weeks – $1000.00 per year

Subscription sessions are four hours long in addition to the 20 minute setup and 10 minute pack up times.      Additional hours may be added to any active subscription at a rate of $10.00 per hour after the 4th hour.

Free Birthday Night for Members

If you've cashed in points to obtain a year-long Membership, you're eligible to use the Apothecary Room for free once a year to celebrate your birthday. We're not here to judge when you want to celebrate your birthday, though, so just pick any night of the year, make the reservation, and your four-hour stay in the room is on us.

Free Session Zeros

Starting a new campaign with players you've met in our community? Talk to one of our staffers about the possibility of hosting your Session 0 with us, free of charge. Whether your campaign will be ongoing in the shoppe, or you'll be playing at your home or another venue, having Session 0 in the Apothecary Room can get the creative energy flowing as your players create their characters.  To be eligible for a free session zero, your campaign must have been open to general members of our community, advertised through our discord server or our Facebook groups.

Free Photo Shoots

Are you a Cosplayer or a photo enthusiast looking for a cool backdrops to create your next photographic masterpiece? Talk with a staffer to arrange a free two-hour photo shoot in the Apothecary Room.  To be eligible for a free photo shoot, your material must be “Rated PG,” and may not be used to support any political platform.