To ensure you're able to find a space at our tables, we strongly recommend you make a reservation in advance.    If you would like to book a table for play today or tomorrow, please contact the shoppe directly.

Our public tables are free to use for our guests.  Additionally, our Apothecary Room offers a semi-private gaming experience for a modest fee.  The map below provides a rough overview of where our tables are laid out in the shoppe.

Using the form below you may book specific tables on the days of your choosing.   See the Service Details below for complete information.


Table Map - Updated November 2021


Service Details

Got a question about our reservation system?  Check out the details below for descriptions of our most common services.

Still have questions?  Give us a call!

Public Gaming

The majority of our tables are free, public tables that can be reserved for a variety of uses – we have tablescapes for several miniatures games including Warhammer 40K, Infinity, and Marvel: Crisis Protocol.  

We breakdown our Public Gaming offering into several selections:

Group Gaming – suitable for any style of gaming for up to six players.  By default, the table is provided with no acessories other than a table mat.  If you're playing with four or fewer players, and would like to use our smaller, restaurant-style tables, select the Group Gaming (Small Table) option.

Blackreach Strong Hold – this is our fully kitted Warhammer 40,000 Table, complete with a 4×6 tablescape with custom design elements that you won't find anywhere else.  This table is ideal of any gritty SciFi 28mm scale miniatures game.  Set on a 4×8 table, the layout gives you plenty of room for reserve troops and other gaming accessories.

District 5 – Step into the near future of Infinity with this fully equipped tablescape.  Set on a 4×4 mat, this can be equipped with full ITS terrain, making it perfect for practicing for your next tournament.

Star Wars Miniatures Games – Whether it's Armada, Legion, or X-Wing, we have you covered.  Our Legion terrian features a variety of settings – from Tatooine to Endor on either a 3×6 or 3×3 format.  For Armada and X-Wing, we provide a variety of thematic mats for your game.

The Beast – Playing something truly huge?  We can convert a 3×8 table into a massive 5×10 smooth tabletop, suitable for any large scale game you might bring to the shoppe.  

Private Gaming

Our Apothecary Room offers a semi-private space designed to capture the old world feel of a Wizard's Apothecary Room.

Private Gaming – Ideal for any RPG group with up to six players, but also a great option for any gaming group with up to eight players. 

Commander Pods – Available for up to two pods of 4 players each (or one pod of 6 players).

Pricing, subscription details, and a list of free services available in the room can be found here