Reclaimed Games

Our consignment game program is a great opportunity to find bargains on previously-owned games, or earn store credit by finding new homes for titles you're retiring from your collection.

Selling Your Games

Program Overview

Do you have titles in your game collection that you don't have time to play any more?  Looking to turn those older games into new ones?  With the Meeple Madness Reclaimed Game Program, you can do just that!

Each household may bring in up to five used game titles at a time.  Currently, we are limiting these to board games, non-collectible card games, and puzzles.

We'll process the games, and add them to the Reclaimed Games section of our shoppe.  We'll advertise the section, along with your titles, on our social media channels, and our staff will help guests find and select games from that area, just like we do with the rest of the shoppe.

Once the game is sold, and after any return period has expired (see below), you'll receive 70% of the sale price as store credit.

Details for Sellers

To participate in the program, you'll need to download and fill out a condition report for each game you wish to consign with us.  It's important that this report is as accurate as possible, so that the purchaser of the game understands what they're buying.

When you bring your games and condition reports to the shoppe, our staff member will make sure the item is appropriate for the Reclaimed Games section.  Submitted games must meet the following criteria:

Items must be in a sellable condition

Item must be a board game, non-collectible card game, or puzzle

Items must be appropriate for our shoppe (SFW titles only)

Items must be able to be shrink-wrapped by our staff

Sellable Condition

We reserve the right to decline any item based on its condition.  Items that are particularly unpleasant to handle (excessive odor, water damage that has weakened the box structure, etc) are not suitable for our program.

Additionally, the item must be in a presentable condition with a box representative of the content inside.  As an example, while a Plano tool box may be a suitable storage solution for some games, we would not accept an item contained in a tool box or other generic storage solution.

Finally, in regards to “sellable,” many Legacy games are considered to be in unsellable condition if their play-through has included the destruction or permanent modifcation of any elements of the game.

Board Games, Non-Collectible Card Games, or Puzzles

At this time, we are only accepting products from these categories.  Miniatures Games, Collectible Card Games, and Role Playing Games are currently not part of the program.  We look forward to adding additional categories in the future, so please stay tuned for updates on this.

Appropriate Items

As a general rule of thumb, we do not sell items that cannot be played at our tables.  This includes games like Cards Against Humanity and other “NSFW” titles.


As part of the processing of your items, they will be shrink-wrapped, with a condition report note sealed inside the wrap.  Because of this, the items you provide must be of a size that can be shrink-wrapped.

As an example, Gloomhaven's box is too large for us to shrinkwrap, so we cannot accept that game, nor games with similar dimensions.

Steps to Selling

Once you've identified the items you wish to sell, bring up to five of them to the shoppe with one condition report for each item.

The Condition Report

The condition report will include an overview of the state of the item you're selling, the non-negotiable price you wish to charge, and your agreement to allow us to consign the item for at least 30 days.

We will process the items and place them out for sale as quickly as possible.

Inspection and Return Policy

A prospective buyer may inspect the condition report at any time prior to sale.  Unless the item is new-in-shrink, they may also have a staff member remove the shrink-wrap so they can inspect the condition and components before the sale.

Once purchased, the seller has up to three days to return the item for a full refund.

Receiving Store Credit

Once the item has passed the return period, we will credit your shoppe account with 70% of the agreed upon sale price.  Store credit may be used to purchase any items in our shoppe, including event entries and gift cards.  Store credit cannot be converted to cash.

Unsold Items

If an item is unsold after 30 days, we will contact you to arrange a pickup.  If you are unable to pickup your item within 30 days of notification, it will become the property of Meeple Madness, and we will dispose of it, or sell it, as appropriate.

Furthermore, an unsold item may not be resubmitted to this program for at least 90 days.


Buying Reclaimed Games

Details for Buyers

Purchasing a Reclaimed Game is similar to buying any other product in our shoppe, with a few notable exceptions.

"New (Unopened)" items and Jigsaw Puzzles are non-returnable

All other Reclaimed items have a three-day return policy

Reclaimed items are non-discountable

Limited Return Policy

Jigsaw Puzzles and items that are marked by the seller as “New (Unopened)” are not returnable.  All sales of these items are considered final.

For other games, the buyer has three days to inspect the item and determine if the condition report is accurate.  If the buyer determines that the condition report is not correct, they may return the game (before the end of the third day) for a full refund.

Discounts and Rewards

Member and Community Hero discounts will not be applied to Reclaimed Games.

As a buyer, you will still earn rewards points for your purchases, and these points can be used for discounts on other items in our shoppe.