Local Player Program

A way to support local players of our collectible games, these programs help identify and reward participation in our local events (whether they’re onsite, or online)

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Putting the Play in Collectibles

The Local Player Program is a new offering designed to reward local players by giving them priority access to limited products (ie, single print runs, boxed sets, tins, etc).  At launch, we’re focusing on our Pokémon players, but expect to add other categories in the future.

Once you (or your parent) have an account in our system, you’re automatically signed up.  Just attend our events to earn and maintain your status.

Create an account at our register on your next visit

Maintain activity by playing in our online (or in-store) events

How it Works

Local Pokémon Trainers

There are two levels of the program – Trainer and Challenger.  Both receive priority access to limited products but, for highly constrained products, Challengers receive priority above Trainers.

At launch, if you’ve attended any of our Discord Pokémon events between October 1, 2020 and March 10, 2021 (The launch day), you qualify as a Local Trainer. 

As The Program continues, Local Trainers may maintain their status by attending at least two events each month.  Trainers may become Local Challengers by attending at least twelve events over the course of the previous six months.

Priority Access

If we receive enough product to provide one copy to each Local Pokémon Player (Challenger and Trainer), this will be done automatically.  They will be contacted and offered the product, if they are not interested in the item, it will be offered for general sale.   

If we do not receive enough product to provide one copy to each player in The Program, we will randomize the list of Local Challengers and select as many as possible to receive the limited copies.  After all Local Challengers have been given the opportunity, we will work from a randomized list of Local Trainers.   If product arrives in waves, future waves will rolled down the list until as many Local Players receive the product as possible.

General Sales

After all Local Player have had the opportunity to purchase at least one of the limited items, any remaining will go on sale at the higher of MSRP or approximately 85% of Market Price to the general public.  For Market Priced items still in print, after one week of general sales, Local Challengers and Local Trainers may pick up additional copies at the original MSRP.

Market Price

We want to create a way for new Pokémon enthusiasts to experience our shoppe.  To do so, we need to have product available on our shelves to make it worth the trip.  If we priced it at straight MSRP, those copies would very likely be gobbled up by folks looking to resell them quickly for a fast profit.  By pricing them at closer to Market Price, we still create an incentive for new players to make the trip, but eliminate a significant amount of the profit margin for folks trying to capitalize on an insanely good deal.