Local Player Program

A way to support local players of our collectible games, these programs help identify and reward participation in our local events (whether they're onsite, or online)

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Putting the Play in Collectibles

With the rising popularity of collectibles, it has become more and more difficult for players to gain access to highly sought after items.  Product intended to be enjoyed by the game's community are being traded in the broader market like stocks or other commodities.  While Collectors and other enthusiasts are an important and valued part of the hobby experience, as a game shoppe, we wanted to find a way to refocus our attention on our local players.  The Local Player Program is designed to recognize local players by giving them priority access to limited products (ie, single print runs, boxed sets, tins, etc).  

We currently offer Local Player Programs for the following games:

  • Magic: The Gathering
  • The Pokémon Trading Card Game
  • Flesh & Blood

The first step for eligible guests to participate in any Local Player Program is having an account in our system.  Once you (or your parent) establish an account, you're automatically signed up.  Just attend our events to earn and maintain your status.

Make sure you're eligible for the program (see below)

Create an account at our register on your next visit

Maintain activity by playing in our online or in-shoppe events

For each of the games supported by the Local Player Program, there are two levels of participation.  The first level gains you access to all the benefits of the program.  The second level grants you the same benefits but, for extremely limited products, puts you higher on the priority list than our first level participants.  The levels of each program are named to reflect the theme of the game (for Pokémon, as an example, they are referred to as Local Trainers and Local Challengers), but the same two-level structure applies to all games in the program.

Each participant's level is evaluted on the first Monday of each month, and statuses are updated on that day by 11:00 AM.

To become active in any program, you simply need to have participated in two of our events in the previous month. Qualifying events include both online and in-shoppe experiences.  They can be our weekly events, or special events like prereleases.  Once you've participated in your second event, on the first Monday of the next month, you'll be an Local Player for that program for one month.

For youth under the age of 14, you may also qualify by attending one of the last two prerelease events – either remotely, or in-person when available.

Local Players reach the second level of the program by attending an average of two events each calendar month over the previous six months.  Players will remain a Local Player as long as their six month average of two events per month is maintained.


To ensure the integrity of the program, participants must meet a few basic requirements:

Functional Game Knowledge – Players must  be able to play the game in a casual tournament setting.

Point of Contact – Players must provide a  point of contact (Phone or Email) that the shoppe may use to notify the player of product status updates.  While announcements via Discord and other social media posts will often be used, for items held in the shoppe, we need either a phone number or email address on file.


Game Shoppe Employees – If you are a game shoppe employee – including at Meeple Madness – you are ineligible to recieve the benefits of this program.

Penalized Players – If you have been penalized at one of our events, you may lose your eligiblity depending on the infraction in question.  Players penalized by the game publisher for tournaments or other issues outside of our shoppe may also lose their eligibility.

Program Abusers – While you are free to do what you want with your product, anyone abusing this program in bad faith is subject to removal from the program.  This includes soliciting other members to buy product for flipping, paying for other member's entry fees in exchange for limited product, and other such abuses.

How it Works

Priority Access

If we receive enough product to provide one copy to each participant in the program, this will be done automatically. They will be contacted and offered the product. Excess product is handled slightly differently for each program, so check out those details below.

If we do not receive enough product to provide one copy to each player in The Program, we will randomize the list of Level Two players and select as many as possible to receive the limited copies. After all Level Two players have been given the opportunity, we will work from a randomized list of Level One players. If product arrives in waves, future waves will rolled down the list until as many Local Players receive the product as possible.


In the tables below, you'll see us refer to two different price points:

MSRP – The Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price.  This is an official price set by the Manufacturer.  As an example, Pokémon trading card booster packs have an MSRP of $3.99.

MIRP – The Manufacturers Implied Retail Price.  This is an unoffiical price that we calculate based on how much we have to pay for an item from our distributors.  We use the same formula used to calculate MSRP, but it can be applied if a vendor has stopped publishing MSRP, or if the costs of the items have risen significantly without a change to the official MSRP.

As an aside, technically, this should be called the Distirbutors Implied Retail Price, since the distributors set our costs, not the manufacturers. But we recognize that DIRP was not an attractive acronym.

Program Highlights

Magic: The Gathering

Level one players in this program are referred to as Local Planeswalkers.  Level two players are referred to as Legendaries.

Priority Access Products

All Bundles, prerelease events, and non-Standard booster boxes and packs.

Price Protection

All Magic Product is priced at the MIRP while in print.  Products out of print for more than one year may be priced at MIRP or up to 85% of Market, whichever is higher.

Excess Product Handling

After all players in the program have been offered a newly released product, remaining product will either be vaulted for future use, or offered for general sale at MIRP.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game

Level one players in this program are referred to as Local Trainers.  Level two players are referred to as Local Challengers.

Priority Access Products

Elite Trainer Boxes, Pin Sets, Theme Decks, Tins and Mini Tins, and any non-standard collections.

Price Protection

All Pokémon Product is priced at the MIRP while in print.  Products out of print for more than one year may be priced at MIRP or up to 85% of Market, whichever is higher.

Excess Product Handling

After all players in the program have been offered a newly released product, excess product may be offered for general sale at roughly 85% of current market value or MIRP, whichever is higher.

Flesh and Blood

Level one players in this program are referred to as Local Skirmishers.  Level two players are referred to as Honored Skirmishers

Priority Access Products

First Edition prints, Sealed Deck Product, and all Events.

Price Protection

All Flesh and Blood product is priced at MIRP (including First Edition prints) while in print. Product out of print for more than one year may be priced at the higher of MIRP or 85% of Market.

Excess Product Handling

After all players in the program have been offered a newly released product, we will vault any excess product for future events. Alternatively, at our discretion, we will offer those extra products to Local Players.

A Bit of Our Philosophy

Why Two Levels?

The Local Player Program is designed to recognize the people engaged in our community by giving them access to the cards they want so they can fully enjoy their game of choice.

The first level creates an entry point so that any new players can join the program without too much trouble.  However, we recognize that having a single level could be easily exploited.  Folks interested in the hottest releases could simply join the program one month before the new hotness releases, and have the same access to someone who has been playing with us consistently over the course of the year.

By adding the second level, we believe we have tailored a program that rewards the frequent guests who truly help make our events, and our community, awesome.


Why not just sell at Market?

Ultimately, we believe we're a game shoppe selling games that, in some cases, happen to be collectible.   We are not really a collectible shoppe.

We have experimented with selling at market for some new releases.  While the additional profit was helpful, in talking with our staff about the experience, we realized none of us enjoyed the idea of selling a hot new product that way.

We understand that market prices on certain items will eventually rise over time, but the hype-on-release pricing is really not who we are, nor who we want to be. We’re comfortable selling Rare Finds and other treasures we’ve collected over the years at closer to market value (things that have been out of print for over a year), but we realize we’re just not really a market-price-mentality shoppe.