Shoppe Rules

When you’re visiting Meeple Madness, please remember to follow these simple rules.

Our Rules

For the comfort of our guests. . .

Smelly things stay outside.

This includes people, food, cigarettes, animals, and any other stuff that has caught the stinkies.

Demonstrate good sportsmanship.

 Win with grace, lose with style.  Save the salt for your french fries.


Minds your hands.

Don’t touch other guests, or their stuff, without their permission.  If you feel you need to move someone’s gear to use a table, please contact the staff for assistance.

Mind your manners.

Don’t belittle new gamers, harass other players, or mock the things other people enjoy.  Your hobby does not grow by diminishing another.

No gambling.

Do not wager on games being played in the shoppe, whether you’re playing in them or not. 

No 3rd Party Sales.

Trades are welcome, but if you want to sell to or purchase from another guest, please contact the staff for assistance.

No Weapons.

Unless you have a legal permit to carry a concealed weapon or are a law enforcement officer in uniform, the only weapons you should bring to the shoppe are on your models