Safety and Security

We strive to ensure your visit is comfortable and our space is a safe place for you to enjoy your hobbies.

Safety First

Safety is our First Priority

Safety is the first priority for our team.  We most often express this through our standards of cleanliness, which we consider to be a huge component of fostering a safe and healthy environment.

It is also a core tenant of our staff training, and we strive to make sure all of our activities never detract from keeping our shoppe safe and secure.

About our Cameras

Throughout the shoppe, both inside and out, we have over two dozen cameras monitoring the property.  The vast majority of these are focused on the tables and play spaces to help you recovery any items that may have been mislaid during your stay with us.

If you discover that you've misplaced an item while visiting us, please contact a member of the staff immediately.  While we cannot make any guarantees, we can usually discover it's exactly location pretty quickly.  We have helped guests find iPads that have accidentally intermingled with RPG books in a backpack, cards that have been shuffled into the wrong deck, and models that been been left sitting in a terrain piece at a table.

Our cameras are very high resolution (4K or higher), and are positioned to provude a lot of information to help us locate items that have wandered off.

Requesting Camera Review

If you've misplaced an item and would like us to review the camera footage, please contact a Staff Member in the shoppe as soon as you realize the item is missing.  If you are not in the shoppe at the time, please email security@meeplemadness.com or call 770.965.1333, and we will do our best to review the footage as quickly as possible.

Providing dates and time ranges of your visit are extremely helpful and will speed up the review process.

Note that only Staff Members will review the footage; guests are not permitted to review active camera views or recordings.  If a Staff member needs help identifying someone or something on camera, they may pause the video and ask you to review the specific frame of video (on site).

Requesting Recordings

Meeple Madness does not provide recordings from our security system without a properly authorized request from a law enforcement official or authorized government agent.