Our Soundtracks

Gaming in the shoppe always goes better with great music.  Here are some of the playlists we love.

About the Music

Legally Sourced, Curated Family-Friendly Music

In case you didn't know, businesses like ours are required to have a special license to play music in the shoppe.  We currently secure our licenses through Soundtrack Your Brand. Their service covers our ASCAP and BMI licenses, and makes sure the artists are paid for their work.

Our playlists include curated songs selected by our staff layered in with a mix of standard playlists available from Soundtrack Your Brand.  Do you have a favorite song or Spotify Playlist you'd like to see added to our rotation?  If so,  let us know!

Game & Movie Night

A selection of songs from popular video games, movies, and television series, ranging from old school Videogame Orchestra titles like Chronos Trigger and The Great Fairy Fountain to tracks from the Sci-Fi series The Expanse.  It also includes tracks from classic movies like The Never Ending Story and The Princess Bride.

Afternoon Goodness
Most Afternoons

A curated list of some of Dave's favorite songs including tracks from indie musicians Marian Call and Jonathan Coulton to power pop sensations Fountains of Wayne and a whole host of other family-friendly music.  Keep an ear out for songs from Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers, and a few classics from Kenny Loggins.

Infinity The Game
Wednesday Nights

With tracks like Star Eater from Daniel Deluxe, and a selection of music from Michael McCann, Zircon, and other far-future sounds, this playlist is a great backdrop to our weekly Infinity nights. 

The playlist goes well with any far-future setting including Shadowrun or Cyberpunk Red.

Cameron's Picks
Most Days

As soon as Cameron heard he could add music to our playlists, he sat down and put together over seven hours of his favorite songs.  These are blended in with our other playlists throughout each day.

Indie Update
Most Afternoons

Curated by John, this playlist features songs from Whitney, My Morning Jacket, and Okkervil River.  Full of earworms, this playlist runs most days when John is working the shoppe.

End of Night
About 30 minutes before Close

A playful set of songs to remind our guests that we're getting ready to close.  Featuring classics like Happy Trails, Closing Time, and I Need Some Sleep, we play this each night about a half hour before we close.