Magic Promo Policy

For many Magic events in our shoppe, we offer a variety of promos.  This outlines our general practices for giving out Magic Promos in the shoppe.

Magic: The Gathering Promos

Wizards of the Coast Policies

For official Magic: The Gathering promos cards, we adhere to all the rules outlined by Wizards of the Coast.  If an official policy has discretionary limits, we lean toward providing as many promos as possible to our guests.  For example, for the Buy-a-Box promos, the policy says “At your discretion, you may limit the number of Buy-a-Box promos available for each qualifying purchase. You may also opt out of one or more of these qualifying purchases.”  We offer one promo per qualifying box, and do not opt out of any purchases.

On the other hand, if a policy has a specific outlined, we follow it to the letter, unless we can get additional guidance from Wizards of the Coast.  For example, the Love Your Local Game Store Play Promos policy says “Each player can earn up to 5 total for attending events on 5 different days (1 of each).”  Because of that, we track when a guest has received one of each promo card, and cannot provide additional ones on future events.


Surplus Promos

Wizards of the Coast Surplus promo policy allows us to use older promos in the same way we would use Promo Packs.  This allows us to use older Buy-A-Box Promos, Store Championship Promos, and other Suplus eligible promos as part of our event offerings.

At Meeple Madness, all Surplus Promos are converted to “Reverse Sleeved Promos.”  Any event that references a Reverse Sleeved Promo is using a card from our surplus supply or from other sources.

As of the release of Brothers' War, Surplus promos are now used for End-of-Season prizing for our Pioneer tournament and other participation incentives throughout the season.

Based on Player and Staff feedback, the Reverse Sleeved Promo program listed below has been discontinued.

Reverse Sleeved Promos

Reverse Sleeved Promos (RSPs) are single cards that are sleeved in standard card sleeves with the face of the card hidden from view.  These are then shuffled and randomly distributed to qualifying players at specific Magic events in the shoppe.

Reverse Sleeved Promos consist primarily of Surplus promos, but we also add some Premium Cards to the offering.  For example, the Forgotten Realms “Ampersand” Promos were added to our RSP offering, as were the Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Neon Ink Promos.

Premium Cards are added to an event's RSP pool once the total number of players are known.  Roughly, we add 1 Exclusive Card to the pool of RSPs for every 9 Surplus cards.  This gives our guests roughly a 10% chance of pulling an Exclusive Card.

As of May, 2022, Premium Cards are added to an event's RSP pool once the total number of players are known.  1 in every 4 surplus promos (rounded down) will be a premium card, giving our guests roughly a 25% chance of pulling an Exclusive Card.

In March of 2022, we also began adding Secret Lair cards to our Premium Card pool.


RSP Drawings

Reverse Sleeved Promos are only given at official weekly events published by the shoppe, in our RSP Drawing.  Currently this includes Commander Mondays and Friday Night Magic.

RSPs are not distributed during Prerelease events, Release events, Game Days, or other non-weekly events.

For every 4 players in attendance on a given evening, one RSP will be added to the pool of participation prizes. At approximately 8:00 PM, each RSP will be given away to a random player. Player names will be selected from the official EventLink list. A player must be present to receive their promo, with no exceptions. If a player's name is drawn and they are not able to accept their RSP immediately, another name will be called instead.

A player may only receive one RSP on any given day.

For example, on a Friday Night, if we have 16 Pioneer Players and 16 Commander players, a total of 32 players will have a chance to win one of each of the 8 promos in the pool – 6 standard and 2 premium RSPs.

To be eligible for the RSP Drawing, you must be registered and participating in one of the events being run in the shoppe. Participating in multiple events does not increase your chances of winning, nor does it add additional RSPs to the prize pool.

No purchase is necesssary, and playing in a paid event does not increase your chances of winning.

Why The Limits?

We'd like to be able to provide Reverse Sleeved Promos at all events.  However, this program is based on a non-guaranteed surplus of official promos and a non-guaranteed WPN Premium offering of Secret Lair Drops and other special promos.

Because of that, we've had to restrict offering RSPs to a subset of our events to ensure that we have enough product to continue to program with relative consistency.

If we can add additional events to the program while maintaining a proper level of RSPs, we will do so.