Using the Magic Companion

Improve your Magic: The Gathering experience with the official Companion app from Wizards of the Coast.  Below are some guidelines to get you started with using the Companion for events at our shoppe.

Getting the Companion

To install the Companion on your mobile device, simply visit the official page and follow the instructions.

About the Companion

With the Companion, you can register for upcoming events and review any events you're currently registered for.  While at our events you can also see your table assignment and pairing for each round, track your life totals, and submit round results.  While technically not required to participate in events at Meeple Madness, using it will greatly improve your experience in the shoppe.


Registering for our Events

To register for an event, you'll need the event code.  It's a 6-digit code (alpha numeric) that can be found on our shoppe screens during the event.

Once you've typed in the code, you're registered for the event.  You'll see the event in your list of available events and will see your current status; typically “Waiting for host…”  Rest assured, our tournament organizers will move you into the event shortly, so once you've entered the code, you're good to go.

Waiting for Host

Once you're registerd, you'll see “Waiting for Host.”  At this point, you're essentially ready for the event.

When we check our systems, we'll see your name in our “Lobby” and will be able to move you to the event proper.

Waiting for Players

When you see “Waiting for Players…” on your screen, it means we've seated you  in the event.  Again, no further action is required, but it means we'll be starting the event relatively soon, so keep an eye out for your pairings (or announcements from our staff).