Flee or Fight is the latest iteration of our Jedi Jank house rules and creates a new team tournament environment for all kinds of Janky goodness. For this one, we're cranking up the crazy with some Hyperspace action.

Team Squads and Upgrades

Teams will consist of exactly two players. Each player will field 200 points of ships, for a total of 400 points per team. Each player on a team may choose any faction, but must have a legal Hyperspace List.

In addition to their normal upgrade cards, each ship on each team will receive a 0 point Fighting upgrade. This upgrade takes no slots and has the rules text ‘During the System Phase you may flip this card.'

The opposite side of the card has the title Fleeing. It adds a Boost action to the ship and has the text ‘At the start of the Activation Phase, gain 1 disarm token and 1 evade token.  While you boost, you must use a 2 bank or 2 straight template.' (with appropriate iconography for the two bank symbols and the straight symbol).

Match Setup

Each team member will play out their match on a separate 3×3 mat, against one player from an opposing team. The team with Initiative may decide pairings for their match up.

At the start of each match, after placing Obstacles, each player will place a Hyperspace Marker on their mat, following the rules of an Escalation match. Once markers are placed, game play beings as normal.

Modification to Game Play

If a player in a match loses at least 1/3 of their ship bases, they may attempt to flee the battle, or call for reinforcements.


To Flee, a player must declare their intentions during the system phase, and flip at least one Fighting upgrade on one of their ships. The player must then attempt to navigate their Fleeing ships to any edge of their mat. Fleeing may occur over multiple turns. A Fleeing ship cannot resume the Fight on their current Mat.

If a Fleeing ship is able to move a ship off the mat, the player must take the following steps:

1. The player fleeing must roll a single red die for the ship, and apply the indicated result to the fleeing ship.
2. The player selects one of the two Hyperspace Markers on their partner’s play area.
3. The player rolls a red dice, and places their ship on their partner’s play mat, based on the die result according to Escalation rules.
4. The Fleeing upgrade is removed from the ship. Any tokens remain until the end phase.

Once the ship has been placed on the new mat, play resumes as normal. A team may elect to have the original player pilot the newly arrived ship(s), or give control to the team mate on that mat.

Calling for Reinforcements

To Call for Reinforcements, a player must request support from his fellow team-mate. The team-mate may then attempt to Flee as per the rules listed above.

Opposing Team Response

If a player successfully Flees or Reinforces with at least one ship, their oppponent may choose to Pursue if there are no remaining ships to fight on their mat (either because they all fled or reinforced, or because some fled or reinforced, and all others were destroyed).

To Pursue, at the start of the next Systems Phase, the player may flip their Fighting cards per the rules above. The player may elect not to pursue. Doing so preserves their ships for final point calculations.

Once a player's ship has left a mat, it may not return to the original mat.

Points are calculated across both mats, with a potential point spread of 400-0, with the following modifications:

1. Each surviving ship that has Fled is considered to have lost half its health.
2. Each surviving ship that has Reinforced or Pursued using the Fleeing rule is scored based on actual health.