Nationwide Shipping Now Available

We're happy to officially announce our flatrate shipping service to any destination in the United States.

Whether you're purchasing a single product, or a pile of games (or miniatures, or RPG books) for your local gaming group, shipping will be $16.00 via USPS Priority Mail.

Certain Restrictions Apply

Some publishers prefer that we only sell their products to our local guests.   To ensure we uphold their desires, these items will be flagged in the system to prevent shipping.  You'll be able to check the status of any item by looking at the item page in our shop.  Under the Shipping information, you'll see “Local Pickup or Delivery Only” on items that cannot be shipped.

Packing Green

We'll be doing our best to keep our footprint as green as possible.  We will reuse boxes and packing material from our distributors whenever possible.   This will help reduce the amount of good carboard we're sending out for recycling, while still making sure your games are delivered in excellent condition.  Packing material will be either “air pillows” or paper-based products; we will not be using styrofoam or “peanuts” in our shipments.

Next Business Day Processing

Orders received will be processed and delivered to the shipper on the next business day (Monday – Friday).  Whenever possible, we'll do our best to do it the same day if possible.

Feedback is Always Appreciated

We're always open to your feedback.  If you have questions about our new shipping service, or suggestions on how we can provide more interesting offerings to you and our other guests, please let us know!