While the Shelter in Place Order ends tomorrow, we've determined we need one more weekend to get in shape for reopening.  To that end, we'll be reopening to the public on Monday, May the 4th, also known as Star Wars Day.

The shoppe will have limited hours – we will be open at noon, and close each night at 7:00 PM.

All in-store game play remains suspended, but folks will be able to browse and shop in-store.  Curbside pickup and a limited delivery area will be available as well.

The shoppe has been reformatted to assist with Social Distancing.  The far entrance (that we aquired when we expanded the shoppe) will be used for contactless grab-and-go shoppers.  Folks that wish to pick up items without entering the shoppe may do so there. 

Additionally, we'll have an area of the parking lot reserved for true curbside pickup.   For those that do not wish to leave the comfort of their car, we'll bring the product to you, and provide a contactless hand-off.

The main entrance will be for folks dropping by to browse, or for those that have a Fast Pass reservation from our website.  Guests are strongly encouraged to wear face protection while in the shoppe, and will be asked to wash their hands upon entering.  We have plenty of soap and water, so please take advantage of the opportunity.

We are limiting in-store shopping to five parties, and no more than 12 people total.  All parties are required to observe social distancing rules while in the shoppe.

The restrooms light switches have been modified with protective covers, so the lights and fans will remain on during business hours.  This will eliminate the need for folks to touch the switches after washing their hands.

We know many of you are wondering when game play will return to the store.  Unfortunately, we don't have a good answer for that yet.  Much of that will depend on what is allowed by law but, beyond that, we will be evaluating the merits of reopening various services, and will only do so once it is legal and we feel we can confidently and comfortably deliver the service to our guests. 

To provide a little more context to what we think reopening looks like, we've taken a page from one of David's favorite movies, Wargames, and created our own DEFCON chart.



Of course, we can't assign dates to any of this yet, but hopefully it provides a little more context to our approach.

DEFCON 2 is actually legal in Georgia right now.  However, we don't feel we can comfortably implement that as part of our service offering, so our status remains fixed at DEFCON 1 for the time being.

Please understand that our status is very personal to our shoppe.  It is not meant to be a judgement of what other stores (game stores or otherwise) should or shouldn't be doing at any given time.

We can also assure you that we're very excited with the prospect of returning to DEFCON 5 as quickly as possible, but we are tempering our enthusiasm with our (again, personal) evaluation of what is and isn't appropriate for our shoppe to do.

As always, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.

David, Priya, and the Meeple Madness Family