Dear Meeple Madness Community,


As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, we wanted to share what we’re doing to help ensure the safety and health of our community, and where we could use your help.


Our Part


At Meeple Madness, safety has always been a huge part of our culture, and is manifest in the way we clean and maintain our facility.  We have already increased our cleaning process to include regular sanitation of gaming surfaces in our space. Thankfully, our standard disinfectant is registered by the EPA for use in the current crisis. Our staff has also received updated training on how to effectively sanitize and disinfect surfaces.  Those procedures will take place during store hours as needed, and are now an integral part of our Closing Procedures (the cleaning tasks we accomplish as soon as the doors close for the night). 

Curb-side Pick-Up

Effective immediately, we are offering curb-side delivery for folks that would like to pick up product without interacting with other guests in the shoppe.  Simply call ahead to confirm and pay for your order and then contact us when you’ve arrived in our parking lot.  One of our staff members will bring your paid-for items to your car so you can be on your way.

Mobile Madness Delivery Service

Beginning Monday, March 16th, we will also be offering local delivery to the 30517, 30519 and 30542 zip codes.  Products ordered before 5pm will be delivered to your home before 8pm that same day.  Delivery is a flat $5.00 service, and we will be happy to deliver any board games, card games, or miniature games you wish to purchase.  We'll have complete details posted on our website on Monday.

Reduced Event Schedule

At this time, we are not canceling any scheduled events. However, we will not be adding any large events to our calendar, and will also be managing attendance and event times to allow for social distancing within our space. We will also be following any local or state recommendations regarding event sizes. We’ll provide specific details on any changes as the situation warrants.

Update:  On March 15th, the CDC called for the cancellation of in-person events of 50 or more people for the next eight weeks to try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  To help reduce the risk of spread of the virus, we have removed all our green and half our black tables from the reservation system, and taken them offline.  

To help create better engagement for those who might be stuck at home for a few days, we’re also spinning up a Discord Server on Monday, March 16th so folks can connect with one another regardless of where they might be.


Your Part

Be Safe

First and foremost, please take care of yourselves.  We love you all, and want to make sure each and every one of you continues to be a healthy part of the Meeple Madness family. If you’re showing signs of illness, even if you’re confident it’s seasonal allergies or the common cold, please enjoy your games at home until your symptoms have passed. If you need something from the shoppe, please take advantage of either our curb-side or delivery  services.

Keep It Clean

While you’re spending time in our space, please wash your hands regularly and enthusiastically, and make liberal use of our hand sanitizing stations (always located by the front entrances).  We posted sing-along signs in each of our restrooms, to make the washing experience a little more fun.  Sing as loud as you like; we won't judge.

Keep Us Posted

And finally, if you need something, please let us know. This is new territory for many of us. Whether you’re looking for a new game to cut through the boredom of quarantine, or just need someone to talk to, we’ll do our best to help you through this. We can be contacted at 770-965-1333, store@meeplemadness.com, or through Facebook Messenger.

While the timing of these initiatives is in response to the current health situation, several of them, including the Discord Server and delivery services, are things we have been discussing for quite some time and looking forward to implementing.   As always, if you have any questions at all, please let us know.

Be well.

David, Priya, and the Meeple Madness Team