The Apothecary Room

Unveiled on December 31st, 2019, The Apothecary Room is our first private gaming space!  It features a magical theme with potions, herbal recipes, and and shelves cluttered with books and other research material.  An other-worldly eye peers into the room through a porculus, and candles and hanging lanterns illuminate the space.

Available for Rental

The room is now available as a paid rental and can be reserved through our Reservations page.

Introductory rates are as follows:

$60.00 – Required minimum four-hour block
$15.00 – Each additonal hour (no partial hours)

For guests who have redeemed Rewards Points to become a Member Meeple in the shoppe, they may use points to rent the facility at a lower overall rate.   Introductory point rates are as follows:

475 Points – Required minimum four-hour block
115 Points – Each additional hour (no partial hours)

If you're wondering about strange point values, it's a limitation of our Rewards program software – we can't offer different rewards at the same price points, so we had to select values that didn't map to existing (or future planned) rewards levels.


The room can accomodate any of our existing tables and, during our initial roll out, we'll be moving an appropraite table into the space for each event.  Additionally, the room features a small side table for setting up a snack, food, or general supply station as needed.  We have also installed additional power outlets throughout the room so you and your guests can charge and power your devices as needed.  

Remote controlled LED candles and laterns may be used to add ambiance to the room as well.

Next Steps. . .

We have secured a thematically appropriate table for the room, and once it's built, it will be the standard offering in the room, and can accomodate 4-6 players comfortably.  We hope to have that installed in the coming weeks; we're just waiting for it to be completed.

Additionally, we have a 3 ft by 4.5 ft LED light panel being installed in the room.  This will be positioned centrally, above the table, to create more even lighting.  It will allow guests to turn off the bright flourscents to create a different lighting profile for their visit.  We're awaiting parts delivery, and expect it to be online by the end of the month.

January should also see the installation of Zorbicore sound dampening panels above the ceiling.  This will reduce some of the metalic echo in the room, and give the room a quieter feel. 

. . .And Beyond

As we mentioned in the previous article, we're working to create a space to allow us to record and stream certain events – whether it's the top table of a competitive tournament, product unboxing, or other shoppe related announcements.  Those facilities will continue to evolve throughout the first half of 2020.

Of course, guests using the space will also have the opportunity to take advantage these facilities once we have them in place.  Some of this will be a basic part of the rental (like the fixed lighting and sound dampening) while others (like cameras, mics, etc) will be a separate offering to help keep the basic rental costs down.


If you'd like to rent the room, head over to our Reservation page and book it today!  If you have questions about this, or anything else going on in the shoppe, please let us know!