This is not a post about politics.
Recently, you've probably heard about FaceBook and their various issues surrounding privacy.  Much of this revolves around the unexpected sharing of data with a company that may or may not have done some bad things.
Regardless of what happened, FaceBook did what almost any company would do – made the decision to “fix” things and Do Better.
With any quickly implemented change, there are often unintended consequences.  In our case, it's our Calendar.  Facebook's new privacy policies now prevent us from exporting events from FaceBook to our website.  Originally, their new controls meant you could only export events if you were the owner of the page or group in question (which we are).  A little while later, it was determined that you could only export events if you actually created them yourself (which we do).   And, now, finally, they have decided that the only way you can export a FaceBook event is if you're Mark Zuckerberg or someone on his executive team (we're a little unclear on this part, actually).
The bottom line is that, at the moment, our Web Calendar is now no longer able to get information from Facebook.  We'll be reviewing how best to manage events for our guests who do not frequent Facebook and hope to have a solution implemented soon.
Stay tuned and, as always, if you have any questions, please let us know!