Since we've opened, we've always offered free WiFi, and we continue to do so.  In fact, as of today, we're improving it a bit to make the experience better (and a bit safer) for everyone.  While there will be more changes down the road, today we're making two material changes:

Faster Speeds

We're doubling the rate limit of our free wireless clients.  That means you should see quicker downloads, and faster overall performance while using your device on our wireless network.

Improved Security

Previously you would connect to the Meeple Madness WiFi Network without a password; it was a fully open, unencrypted network.  This was pretty convenient, but it meant your connection wasn't encrypted in any fashion at all.
We've now implemented basic encryption on the network.  That means you'll need a password to connect to it.  Where's the password?  Just look on one of our two (soon to be three) flat panel monitors – it'll always be listed on the bottom of the screen for easy access.

What's Next?

We don't expect any other changes in the short term, but we are investigating other ways to secure the network.  Rest assured, we won't be asking you to “Like” our FaceBook page or Tweet happy thoughts to get access.  You're always welcome to do those things, of course, but it won't be a requirement for using our network.
Got a question?  Let us know!