If you've read our February Newsletter, you know that we're thrilled to announce that the first official expansion to Meeple Madness is set for release in the second quarter of 2018!  Even Madder! builds on the same themes and mechanics that you currently love about Meeple Madness, but adds new elements to enhance your gameplay.
By removing a portion of the wall between Meeple Madness and the neighboring shoppe, Even Madder! adds approximately 1250 square feet to the original space.   Even Madder! focuses on giving everyone a bit more breathing room between tables, and providing additional retail space to make purchasing games and accessories even easier.  We'll also be gaining a third bathroom, and much needed storage space.
Below is a mockup of the potential floor plan with the expansion in place.  In the proposal we add two new glass cabinets for the windows, three product “islands” and a new section of slat-wall for additional retail space and, of course, the additional bathroom and second entry area.  We won't be able to finalize the plans until we have full access to the new section, and can assess the situation first hand, so this is all subject to change.

Groundbreaking is expected to take place in April, with final build-out completed in the second quarter of 2018.   We will remain open and operational throughout the construction.
Since we've had a few questions already, we've taken the liberty of addressing some of them here.  If we haven't answered a question you have, please feel free to reach out to us!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are you adding any additional tables?
A: Not at first.  This first expansion is designed to give us more room between tables, so everyone attending an event has an improved experience.  The additional space (and the new storage area) will make it easier for us to rapidly deploy additional tables when we are at capacity, so we anticipate being able to host more folks during our busiest events.
Q: I see there's a message board on the mock-up; what's that about?
A: We've had requests for a message board so that folks can post information about gaming meet-ups and other activities.  It's definitely something under consideration but it'll depend on the new layout.
Q: What are the plans for the third bathroom?
A: The third bathroom will be a “family” bathroom, with signage indicating that it is gender neutral.  As both existing bathrooms already have changing stations, the “family” designation is more about letting anyone use it without wondering if they're in the right place.
Q: You mention this is the first expansion.  Is there a plan for a second?
A: There are a lot of walls between us and the end of the building.  It'd be a shame for all of them to remain standing. . .
Q: Why did you choose to announce this now?
A: Our original plan was to make a big announcement at our birthday party on March 10th, once things were closer to finalized.  However, with Mud Puppy Antiques having a Going Out of Business sale, word has started to spread, and a few customers started to hear about the expansion. With that in mind, we thought it was best to catch everyone up to date.