We're closing in on the end of the year, but we have a few more updates left in 2017.  This week we'll be seeing a few new items in the shoppe.
Perhaps the biggest news is the revised Android: Netrunner Core Set, which will be releasing this Thursday.  If you're not familiar with Netrunner, it's a two-player Living Card Game, originally developed by Richard Garfield (of Magic: The Gathering fame, among other things).  Netrunner plays asymmetrically, with one player acting as the Runner (A Cybernetic Hacker), trying to break into the computer systems of the Corporation (controlled by the second player).  The Revised Core Set comes with everything two players need to get started in the game.  If you're a veteran, don't worry, your decks are still good; this Core Set is just a new way for players to jump into the Netrunner world.
We'll be hosting an introductory tournament in the near future, so stay tuned for details on that!
Speaking of Living Card Games, the last of the first six Dynasty packs hits the streets this week.  Meditations on the Ephemeral arrives Thursday, completing the first cycle of Legend of the Five Rings.  If you're not familiar with this title, come check out our demo copy, or ask one of our staffers to give you an overview of the game!
Beyond these card games, another hot title is expected to hit our shelves this week.  The long-awaited Charterstone board game.
Charterstone is a competitive legacy game.  the buildings you construct in the game become permanent additions to the game; available for other players to use as the campaign unfolds.
Played over twelve games, the board evolves until you have a one-of-a-kind worker-placement game with plenty of replay possibilities.
Due to the Legacy nature of the game, we won't be able to offer a demonstration copy, but we're sure to have folks playing in the shoppe, so stop by this week to pick up a copy for yourself, or perhaps catch a game unfolding on any of our open game nights.

This week will also see the arrival of Gaia Project: A Terra Mystica Game.
Explore the vast reaches of space and convert planets to meet your faction`s unique environmental needs as you seek to tighten your grasp on the galaxy. Fourteen different factions stand ready to boldly take their first steps into the cosmos while building structures to generate resources, researching new technology, and uniting planets to form powerful federations.
Gaia Project is the latest release from Z-Man games, and we're excited to see it come into the shoppe.
But that's not all. . .

Beyond all these new products, this Saturday, December 16th, is our 3rd Annual Holiday Party with the Gwinnett Boardgame Society!
Join us between noon and 6:00 PM for a special holiday celebration.  We'll have an Ugly Sweater contest and, if you're in a baking mood, bring a treat to share, and you may win the Best Holiday Dessert contest.
We'll also have giveaways throughout the day, so come in, play games, and celebrate the 2017 holiday season with us!
Speaking of parties, while it's a couple of weeks away, we do want to remind everyone that, this year, we will be closed on New Year's Eve, because it falls on a Sunday.  So, instead of our usual New Years Eve Party, we're having a special, once in every seven years (give or take a leap year) New Years Eve Eve Party on Saturday, December 30th.  We'll do all the usual things – we'll have giveaways, play games, and countdown to The Day Before New Years, complete with sparkling cider, and silly hats.
Of course, we'll have all our regularly scheduled programming running this week, so be sure to check out our Facebook Event Page for all the details!