The holiday season is upon us, and we're in full swing here at Meeple Madness!
This week we'll have a ton of product coming in on Wednesday and Friday.  Of course, you've probably heard that we're closed on Thursday, in observance of Thanksgiving, but we'll be back and ready to go on Friday, starting at noon!
We have a good number of new titles coming in from Asmodee this week.  Their street date is Thursday, but since we're closed for the holiday, they'll be available starting at noon on Friday, November 24th.  We'll have the newest dynasty pack for Legend of the Five Rings, and expansions for Rune Wars.  We'll also have new board game titles including A Game of Thrones Catan, Sid Meyers Civilization: A New Dawn, Legacy of Dragonholt,  and Through the Desert.
In addition to all the new product, on Friday, we'll be blowing out a few select items to make space in the shoppe.  As one example, we've pulled all our organizers from The Broken Token, and they'll be marked down at special holiday prices throughout the weekend.  Since we can't restock them anymore, when they're gone, they're gone!
Monday night is Pokémon night, and we'll have our standard tournament.  We're also in the process of trying to kick off Expanded format events, so if you have an Expanded deck, bring it along with your Standard deck; if we get enough folks interested in Expanded (we need 8), we'll fire it off, and hopefully it'll become a regular event in the shoppe.
Speaking of Pokémon, on Wednesday, November 22nd, we're running a special event for some casual Pokémon – sign up to battle one of our resident Pokémon Professors, Cody!
You can bring your own deck, or borrow one of ours.  Learn to play the game for the first time, or throw down some serious Pokémon action.  Of course, seating is extremely limited, since we only have one Cody, so be sure to sign up when you come into the shoppe!  Of course, if you're new to Pokémon, you can always stop in to learn the game from any of our Staff members.  We have demo decks on hand and can get you started on your way to becoming a Pokémon Master!
On Saturday evening we'll be having our first Final Fantasy Pre-Release event, along with our Guild Ball Turkey Cup!  Both events have limited seating, so be sure to head over to our Facebook Event Page and follow the links to pre-register!
Whether you're into miniatures or card games, we'll have some cool opportunities for you this weekend.
Of course, we'll still have plenty of room for open gaming and will be hosting our Standard Showdown for Magic: The Gathering on Saturday evening as well.  Whatever your interest, we're happy to create a space for you to come in and get your game on!