Since a lot of folks seemed to appreciate last week's “Week in Preview,” we figured we'd take another go at it.  As a reminder, all of our events can be viewed on our calendar, or on our Facebook Events Page.

WizKids Primed and Pre-Painted Miniatures Restock

It's been a bit of a challenge to keep our WizKids primed miniatures in stock, but we've placed a large order over the weekend and expect to have several dozens of individual models and booster boxes back in stock by mid-week.   Whether you're a fan of Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures or either of the Deep Cuts lines, we should have all available models in stock this weekend.  If pre-painted boosters are more your thing, we'll have both D&D and Pathfinder boosters on the wall as well.

Get Prepped for the Turkey Cup

Guild Ball players, our First Annual Turkey Cup is just a couple of weekends away, so it's time get in your practice games before the big event!  Remember, most of our staff play the game now, so if you need a willing opponent, schedule some time with us, and we'll make it happen.  Hone your skills to get ready for our friendly competition on Thanksgiving Weekend!

New Dice Masters Draft Packs

Speaking of WizKids, this week we'll be receiving the new Tomb of Annihilation Draft Packs!  These new packs come with 2 basic action cards, 12 characters or action cards, 24 dice, along with a rules insert.  Just add basic action dice and sidekicks from any existing Dice Masters starter, and you're ready to draft!  We'll be scheduling a Tomb of Annihilation Draft soon, so keep an eye on the event page for details!
If you haven't played Dice Masters yet, we have a small group of dedicated fans in the shoppe every other Thursday night, and they'd be happy to help you get into the game.

More Store Tweaks

Last week we shuffled the furnishings around, and this weekend we spent some time adjusting the layout of our miniatures and RPG sections.  It's a work in progress, but we hope it'll make things more accessible for everyone.
The big change is that we've moved the RPG area to a dedicated wall (where we used to keep Guild Ball).  Previously, a lot of RPG merchandise – particularly Reaper and WizKids miniatures – would get “lost” amongst the other miniature games that occupied the same wall space.
With this weekend's changes, we'll be able to organize things more effectively, and make sure our RPG minis and other accessories – like grid mats, etc – are readily available for folks to take a look at.  All that blank slat-wall?  With the aforementioned restock inbound, we should be flush with new miniatures and other goodies by Thursday.
Additionally, we've shifted our Battlefront product to a dedicated section of slat-wall to give it more breathing room, because it was becoming a bit of a hot mess wedged between Warhammer 40K and our Privateer Press products.  Guild Ball, Infinity, and The Walking Dead: Total War have been relocated to the “old” historical area, to give more growth room as well.
If you're doing the math, you might be wondering how we're gaining room simply by shuffling things around.   We actually managed to add an additional bookcase to the area, and we've placed many of our terrain products on that shelf.  That cleared off quite a bit of slat-wall for us, which is where most of the room is coming from.
As always, we're happy to hear your feedback on any of the changes we're making along the way!