We have a lot of activities happening in the shoppe this week, so we thought it might be a good idea to give you a peek into what's happening.  Note that all of our events can be viewed on our calendar, or on our Facebook Events Page.

Crimson Invasion is Legal for Pokémon

Many of you attended our pre-release events in October and picked up some shiny new cards for your Pokémon decks.  While we were able to sell Crimson Invasion a week early, it officially released November 3rd and is now standard legal.  That means you can incorporate your new favourite cards into your deck for our Monday night tournament.
We hope to see some new Pokémon this Monday as you train to become a master trainer!

The First Legend of the Five Rings Expansion Arrives

“Tears of Amaterasu” is the first dynasty pack for the newest Living Card Game, Legend of the Five Rings.  The is the first of six Dynasty packs of The Imperial Cycle, with a new pack releasing roughly every week.  If you're already in for a pre-order, we'll call you as soon as they arrive.  You can also pre-order any of the Imperial Cycle packs – just contact the shoppe and let us know.  We hope to see folks using cards from the new set at our casual game day this Saturday!
If you're not playing Legend of the Five Rings, fear not – there's a new expansion for Mansions of Madness on the way, along with three new Unlock! games – all releasing on Thursday, November 9th.  It's a great day to come in and grab a new game or expansion!

Tyranids Invade

New updates for Warhammer 40,000 continue to roll out with a brand new codex for the Tyranids arriving this Saturday.  Along with the new book, we'll have the data cards in the house, and a new Start Collecting set that features the Broodlord, Trygon, and Genestealer models.
Xenomorphs aren't your thing?  Citadel is also releasing new terrain pieces and hobby tools; we'll have them all in stock and available for sale when our doors open on Saturday, November 11th.

Xanathar's Guide to Everything

This week also brings us the newest Dungeons and Dragons resource – Xanathar's Guide to Everything.  Available in both a standard and foiled limited edition hobby cover, Xanathar's Guide brings a whole host of new rules including new subclasses, spells, racial feets, and tools for creating backstories for your characters.
Xanathar's Guide to Everything will be available on Friday, November 10th.  Whether you're looking to start a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or just looking for some fresh content to spice up your existing adventures, this book is a great addition for both players and dungeon masters alike!

Hearthstone Saturdays

Obviously, we're not a video game parlour, but a lot of our tabletop gamers also play Hearthstone, and a few folks have asked for a place to participate in Fireside Gatherings and other events where they can unlock exclusive content in the game.  We've experimented with two events over the last couple of weeks, and are ready to see if we can make it a regular aspect of our shoppe.  We'll be hosting casual Hearthstone Firesides between 6 pm – 9 pm every Saturday in November.  We'll revisit in December to see if we should adjust the times or do something different.
Not into Hearthstone?  Don't worry, we'll still have plenty of space for open gaming, and will be having parallel activities running in the shoppe on Saturday evenings, so whatever you're interested in, we'll have you covered.

The Furniture Shuffle

When you come into the shoppe this week, you'll see we've tweaked the table layout.  Yes, again.  You may be wondering what's going on with that, so allow us to explain a bit.
We strive to make “space” a big part of our experience.  In addition to making sure the store is wheelchair friendly, we also want to make sure tables are spaced far enough apart that it doesn't feel claustrophobic, and that there's a reasonable “flow” to the store layout.
After retooling the layout for our Marian Call concert in October, we kept it in place to see how it would work for our guests as well as our staff.  We received a lot of positive comments, particularly about how the back half of the store felt a more open, but we also received some constructive feedback around the changes and we took a look to see what we could do to make it, hopefully, even better.
To that end, we've returned two counter-top gaming tables to the back area, along with two two-by-two display tables.  With that configuration, on a casual night, two groups of players can be in the back area with over 10 feet of space between them.  We think this will be great for RPG players in particular.
To accomplish that, we've now moved the black tables near the register.  This opens up that space quite a bit and relieves some of the compression that was felt around the sleeve and deck box areas when the larger tables were placed there.  Here's a formalized view of what the floor looks like now.  As before, we'll have the ability to convert two pairs of black tables into 3×8 tables for nights like Pokémon and Friday Night Magic.  If things get crazy busy, we can also use the two 2×2 display tables as pillars to add either a 3×8 or 4×8 table to the mix for short periods of time.

Of course, we'll continue to monitor the situation, gather feedback, and figure out if we need to make any other changes to make our space more comfortable, flexible, and functional for all of our guests.
Speaking of space. . .Since it's become somewhat of an FAQ. . .We have approached our landlord about expanding.  Unfortunately, like us, everyone in our building is happy with their space, so nobody is moving out anytime soon.  We have requested “dibs” on pretty much every unit in our building, so if someone does choose to relocate, we will hopefully have the option expand into those spaces.  In the meantime, we're doing everything we can to squeeze every inch of usefulness out of our current facility.
Got a Question?  Feel free to send us a message on Facebook, or use the Contact form to drop us a note.