We just wanted to say “Thank you” to everyone who helped make our Second Annual Hallowe'en Party a success!
For starters, we couldn't do any of this without the support of all of our wonderful customers. You are truly the best, and we appreciate your enthusiasm for your hobbies and our shoppe.  We're very grateful to be able to be a gathering place for such wonderful folks from all walks of life! Thank you for choosing to spend your time with us and helping everyone have fun.
Speaking of helping others have fun, let's give Big Shout Outs to the folks who helped bring cool games into our shoppe for the party. . .
Jerry Hartman (our resident Press Ganger) and his fiancé Laurie, for demoing Warmachine and Hordes throughout the day. Jerry and Laurie are usually in the shoppe every Thursday night, helping folks get their Warmachine on. If you're ever interested in getting a game in, be sure to stop by, or reach out to us on our Warmachine and Hordes Facebook Group. Jerry also ninja'd into a Master Chef costume and took home first place in our Hallowe'en Costume contest!
Michael Ohl (and his family) from TableTop Dad who demoed both The Village Crone and Salem for our customers throughout the evening.  You may have met Michael when he visited us to demo The Dragon and The Flagon a few weeks back.  He'll be back in our shoppe soon to show off the new Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle game as well, so make sure you swing by to get the details.
Daniel Stills who showed off Tumblin' Dice in the evening, and also helped folks through quite a few impromptu demos from our Demo Wall throughout the day.  Daniel is a resident member of the Gwinnett Boardgame Society.
Now, what's a party without food and prizes, right? Thank you to Southern Smoq BBQ for the delicious BBQ and to Splat! cakes n' such for the yummy cupcakes.  Also, thank you to Ultra Pro, Renegade Game Studios, and the Pokémon Company for the great raffle prizes!
Of course, all of the activities of the day wouldn't have been possible without the help of our awesome Staffers.  Cody, Tyler, Chris, and Bridgette kept the store hopping throughout the day and into the night.  We had a Pokémon Pre-Release, a Dice Masters Rainbow Draft, our first-ever round of Speed Gaming, and a Mysterium Game Night, all hosted and managed by our wonderful staffers.  We really couldn't do what we do without them.
Since this is Dave writing this, I also want to express a very special “Thank you” to my lovely bride and partner in Meeple Madness (and everything), Priya.  From coordinating the menu, overseeing the Staff, working with vendors to acquire prizes for our raffles, running the register, and generally running around town to make sure we had everything we needed, she's the one who truly brings it all together for us in the shoppe.
With that, thank you and Happy Hallowe'en!