When we first opened Meeple Madness, we started our fledging Rewards and Discount program as a way of providing some incentives for folks to shop with us and, with our 1st Responder discount, as a way of saying “Thank You” to folks that serve in our community.
Over the last several months we've been looking at the numbers, trying to figure out what we can do to expand the program with some new goals in mind:

  • Demonstrate our appreciation to those that really help in our community.
  • Encourage more community-led events to take place in our shoppe (tournaments, campaigns, etc)
  • Increase the flexibility of the program for all of our customers.

To that end, effective October 1st, we're introducing some new discounts, as well as a new Reward Tier.
The biggest change to the Program is the introduction of a new reward at the 1,000 point level.  We call this the Member Meeple reward.  Basically, it allows you to cash out 1,000 points in exchange for a 15% discount on all purchases over the next year.  All other rewards still remain in place and you'll continue to earn points if you choose to go the Member Meeple route; this just gives you a second option to consider if you shop with us frequently.
The second big change is that we're renaming our 1st Responder discount, and changing who it applies to.  Now called “Community Heroes,” it is available to the original group of 1st Responders, Veterans, and Teachers.
The third change is that we're adding a Volunteer Discount for Game Masters and Tournament Organizers who host public (and typically “sanctioned”) events in our store.  On the day of the event, they're now eligible for a 10% discount on any of their purchases.  Events need to be coordinated with our Staffers, of course, but we're hopeful this will bring a greater variety of events to our calendar.
The other interesting bit is that, with the addition of these new discount tiers, we're allowing these discounts to stack.  So, if you're a Community Hero and you buy into the Member Meeple program with your points, your maximum discount could be as high as 25%.
There are some restrictions, of course, so we've updated our Rewards and Discounts page to reflect the changes.  Remember, this all goes into effect October 1st, 2015.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.