At Meeple Madness, we've been slowly building up our event schedule.  Next weekend we'll have our first official Guild Ball Training Day, and later in the month we'll have another Pre-Release Day for Magic: The Gathering.  In October, we'll be hosting The Massing at Sullust event for Star Wars: Armada on the 3rd, and we'll also have our first Guild Ball Tournament on the 10th.
All of these events have one thing in common – they cater to our wonderful customers, and allow them to spend some time hanging out with other local players (and us!) to have a great day.
Every once in a while, though, we get a request to host something that isn't really. . .”normal” for us.  These are events that don't necessarily involve any of our current customers, but they allow us to help out another community in the area by providing a venue for their event.  In October, we have two such events in the works.
On October 10th, in the afternoon, we'll be hosting something rather odd for a tabletop games store. . .A Super Smash Brothers Tournament.  Yup,  you heard us right, a video game tournament.  It'll take place in the back half of the store, starting at 4:00pm.  We're providing the space and the power, and they're doing all the rest.  If you happen to be interested in Super Smash Brothers, you're welcome to attend.  They'll have 8 consoles setup, and are running three consecutive tournaments, from 4:00pm to about midnight.
The following week, on October 17th, we're hosting something a little closer to home, but it's still not something we see regularly at our shoppe. . .a Flames of War tournament.  That day may prove to be a little crowded, but the tournament organizers were in a bit of a jam, due to conflicting schedules at their original venue.  Oddly enough, we have quite a few demo models of Flames of War, it's just not something we've ever carried because most of the players around here have made a home at another store in the area.  We don't expect that to change (though they're always welcome here, of course), but we're happy to be able to help them out on this particular day.
Of course, it wouldn't make sense to close out the month without an events of our “own,” so on Saturday, October 31st, we'll be celebrating Halloween in the store.  We'll have more details later but we're confident it will involve a few Zombie games and candy.  And probably cake.  Definitely cake.
Got an idea for an event?  Let us know. . .We're happy to try something new.  In the meantime, whether it's “our” event or one of the Guest Events, we hope you'll join us as we meet new friends and play new games!