If you're a veteran gamer, you've probably heard of GenCon, a huge gaming convention in Indianapolis, scheduled to take place this very week – Thursday – Sunday.  Lots of folks from around the globe will be attending these four days of gaming insanity.
Not everyone gets to attend GenCon, though, which is why some clever folks created GenCant, a virtual convention for those who aren't able to make the trek to Indianapolis.
Here at Meeple Madness, we support just about any excuse to host folks in our shoppe, so we're pleased to announce our GenCant schedule of activities, running Thursday – Saturday (because we're always closed on Sundays).

Thursday – Badge In!

It's not a convention without a badge, but we don't have any!  So, Thursday night is your chance to bring in your own badge, and get your GenCant on!  Anyone bringing a GenCant badge into the store on Thursday is eligible for our 10% unconvention discount – buy whatever you want and receive 10% off your entire purchase.   While GenCant has an official badge you can find on their site, our only rule is that the badge must clearly say “GenCant” on it.  Remember – Duct Tape and a sharpie can solve just about any badging problem.

Friday – Ramp Up!

In addition to our regularly scheduled Friday Night Magic, GenCant Friday is the perfect night to expand your gaming collection.  Why?  Because every base game in the store will be 15% off all day Friday.  Want to get Camel Up?  15% off!  Looking to get into Age of Sigmar?  15% off!  Thinking about. . .you get the idea, right?
If it's a base game (i.e., it includes rules, and enough bits to play the game), it's eligible for 15% off.  Not sure?  Ask one of our Staffers to point you in the right direction.
Did we mention you have to have your GenCant badge?  We should have, ‘cos you do!

Saturday – Swag Grab?

You know what else is going on Thursday and Friday?  David and Priya will be running around GenCon proper, up in Indiana, to try to get as much Swag as they can carry, and they're bringing whatever they can back to Meeple Madness for Saturday, to give it away to our customers.  We'll be doing as many raffles as we can, but what we have all depends on the Gods of GenCon. #AllHail
Beyond that, we'll be having opening gaming all day long – we'll be showing off Guild Ball, Star Wars Imperial Assault, and a whole host of games throughout the day.
To be a part of our raffles, all you have to do is stick around.  So, pull up a chair, break out a game, and spend the day with us and the rest of the GenCant attendees!
Did you remember to bring your GenCant badge again on Saturday?  If you did, we'll reprise our 10% off of anything in the store sale, for all GenCant badge holders!

What Else Is Going On?

On Thursday and Friday, Priya and David will do their best to be your GenCon Attendees-By-Proxy.  Tweet a request to @Meeple_Madness with #GetCant, and they'll try to accomplish whatever mission you set them to (within reason, of course).  Yes, that includes personal purchases (you can pay 'em when they deliver the goods), research assignments, or special Swag Grabs.
Also, to show your support for #GenCant (and us!), please feel free to Tweet or Instagram your #GenCant activities throughout the weekend! We look forward to seeing you at the UnConvention!