We're always trying to bring in cool new things to the store.  This last week we've landed some new deals, and should have our first stock in shortly.
Our first new line includes gaming accessories from Broken Egg Games.  They've got lots of cool tokens and other accessories – for cards games like Android: Netrunner and Pokémon, and miniature games including Infinity and WarmaHordes.  We've placed our first order this week, and expect to have stock in shortly.
We've also worked out an agreement with a Canadian distributor to get our hands on the Zoch Zum Spielen line of games.  These folks landed on our radar after one of our favorite boardgamers, Thomas, dropped by to show of Mord Im Arosa.  Our staff really enjoyed the game, and it's ranked very highly as a Family Game on BGG, so we thought is was a great fit for our store.  The other cool thing about Zoch Zum Spielen is that they've got reprints of Pick-omino, so we'll be getting that in the store Real Soon Now.  Pick-omino is a great press your luck game for up to seven players, and it's been a personal favorite for many years.  It's easy to learn, and plays in about twenty minutes.  We'll be expanding our Zoch Zum Spielen line over the course of the next month or two; our first order, which should be in next week, will get us Beasty Bar, Hick Hack in Gackelwack, Ghost Blitz,  Mord Im Arosa, and Pick-omino.  In addition to the retail stock, we'll have demo copies of each game, so you'll be able to check them out as soon as next week!
We've also been beefing up our hobby bits offering lately.  We've recently added bits from Juweela ScenicsMaxMini Accessories and Kromlech, so if you're looking to customize your minis or build out some interesting dioramas or terrain pieces, we've got an interesting selection of products for you to add to your kit.  We're also bringing in terrain pieces from Antenocitis Workshop Limited, and should have them in the store as early Monday, June 8th.
And, of course, in preparation for Free RPG Day, we're beefing up our stock of cool RPG games.  But you'll see and hear more about that on the 20th, when we start giving away all sorts of free stuff.
We hope to see you in the shoppe soon!