Modern Master 2015 is almost upon us!  As a Core Store, Wizards has allocated us twelve boxes.  With some help from our friendly distributors, we're expecting more, but right now, we are certain we're getting twelve.  Twelve glorious boxes that you could buy at MSRP and immediately sell on eBay to make a decent profit.
In case you're unaware, MSRP on a pack is $9.99, or $239.76 for an entire box of 24 packs, and prices on eBay are tracking north of $280 right now.
Of course, if we wanted to sell on eBay, we wouldn't have built a store.  So, we're going to be selling sealed boxes to our customers for $235.00.  Note that our store-wide First Responder Discount applies here, so if you're active military, or a fire-fighter, police officer, or EMT, your price is closer to $215.00.  Because, seriously, thank you for all you do for our community.
We'll be able to release the our ten boxes on Friday, May 22nd.  When the first 10 are claimed, if you'd like to be added to a “Wish List” for additional boxes, you may.  We can't guarantee more than ten boxes at the moment, so we don't want to over-commit, but if we can help you score a box, we will.
We're also keeping this at a one-box-per-customer limit until May 15th.  After the 15th, if we haven't sold the first ten, we'll contact the existing pre-order customers, to ask them if they want to increase their order.
If you're interested in pre-ordering, you'll need to come into the store and sign our pre-order sheet.  You'll pay when you pick up your product, so all we need is your name on the line to get things reserved for you.  In this particular case, because the allocation is so small, we won't be doing phone sign-ups – you'll need to come in, say “Hi,” and put your name on the list.  Technically, saying “hi” is optional, but it never hurts.
The remaining two boxes will be used for Friday Night Magic on May 22nd, starting at 7:00pm.  Each box will be used for an 8 person draft.  The price is $25.00, which gets you three packs that normally cost you $30.00.  The only requirement is you have to actually draft (no drops before round one).  The rest of the folks that have signed up for pre-orders will get them as soon as the next shipment comes in.
You can sign up for the drafts ahead of time as well – we'll have a sign-up sheet in the store, right next to the buy-a-box sign up.
We're very excited about Modern Masters 2015 – it's the first new release we've had since we've opened our doors, so we hope you'll join us for FNM on Friday, the 22nd!