Recently, we made a little Facebook announcement about receiving “The Great Debate.”  This was the second Kickstarter material we've received for sale in the store.  The first was “Mine, All Mine,” which is a cute micro-game space-ship game that fits in your pocket.  Of course, we also backed “Name That Game” posters, and we have those on display in our store.
That being said, we thought we'd share what other projects we've backed, and what we expect to get in (and when).  All these dates are estimates because, with any new product, the production times can sometimes drift.
Pencil Dice –  d20 Entertainment (1,000 pencils; May ETA)
Biblios Dice – Dr. Finn's Games (6 copies; June ETA)
Raid & Trade – Mage Company (5 copies ; June ETA)
Thundertrack – Alec Ramsey and Lee Johnson (7 copies; June ETA)
Dragonflame – Minion Games (10 copies ; July ETA)
Grimtooth's Ultimate Traps – Goodman Games (2 SC, 2 HC, 1 Gold Foil, 1 Gold Foil Hardcover with Slipcover; July ETA)
Rum & Bones – Cool Mini or Not (1 copy for store demo; July ETA)
Captain's Wager – Grey Fox Games (6 copies, 6 expansions, 6 play mats; August ETA)
Dragon Racer – Myles O'Neill (6 copies; August ETA)
Loud About – Keji Inc (20 copies; August ETA)
Ghostbusters the Board Game – Cryptozoic Entertainment (6 copies, including retailer exclusives; October ETA)
Cosmic Run – Dr. Finn's Games (8 copies; October ETA)
Outrider – DiceFestGames (10 copies; November ETA)
Floating Market – Matthew D Riddle (1 copy for store demo; December ETA)
If you check out the links, you can see what each one is about.  They all seem pretty cool to us, which is why we backed them.  If you think there's something on Kickstarter we'd be interested in, let us know.  We're always looking to help bring interesting products into the store, and if we can help a publisher bring a game to life, we're happy to help.