Everyone who has ever worked in IT believes they can stand up a perfectly functional website without too much hassle.  Unless they're actually a website administrator, though, they're generally wrong.  I used to be a website administrator.  This was back when the web was competing with the likes of “gopher” and “archie” as the data-repository and search engine of choice.   It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
So here we are in 2015, and we're trying to get our business off the ground, and we were all like “Hey, we can setup a website, no problem.”  So we grabbed some hosting space from BlueHost, and stood up a WordPress site.  And some of it has worked, and some of it hasn't, but we're still too stubborn to hire a professional because, gosh durn it, it's a website, and it wasn't that hard in 1996, so it should be easier by now.  But it really isn't.
That being said, if you've got problems with the site, please let us know.  We've trimmed things down a bit on the home page in hopes of speeding things up and making it more responsive on mobile devices, and we're trying to fix what's broken.  Eventually, we'll probably break down and hire someone to get it all sorted out but, in the meantime, we're rocking it like it's 1996.