We've had a lot of interest in D&D since we opened the store.  Our resident DM, Bryce, has run a couple of encounters already, and we have about a dozen interested players talking about coming out each week to campaign together.
To that end, we've launched two back-to-back D&D editions of Wednesday night D&D session.  For folks who can come in early, we'll be hosting a game at 5:30pm, running until 7:30pm.  Bryce will be taking six adventurers through a one shot each week, as we build up to the official start of the Elemental Evil series in a few weeks.  For those that want to game a little later in the evening, Bryce will be running a second, identical, session from 8:00pm until 10:00pm that same evening.
Both session cover the same gaming experience, and both are open to six individual players.  We'll have a sign-up sheet at the register for you to reserve your spot.  Each session is limited to six players.  We also request that you don't sign up for both sessions on the same night.  This will allow us to serve as many adventurers as possible.
Signing up guarantees you a spot, but if you're running late for a session and won't make the start, please call the store and let us know.  Otherwise, if we think you're not going to show, we may give your spot to a stand-by player.
These events are free, and we'll provide all the basic materials necessary to get you into the game.