As you may have heard, we're having our Grand Opening this Saturday, March 7th.  You may be wondering what makes this opening grand, given that we've been open for a couple of weeks now (which is pretty grand in itself).  With that in mind, we thought we'd share a bit of what we're planning.
First, we'll be having a little ribbon cutting ceremony right at noon to officially open the store.  It's actually a big ribbon, and the scissors are like three feet long – they were given to us by some dear friends in California and Canada where, apparently, everyone has huge hands.
After the ribbon cutting ceremony, folks will be able to come in and check out several tables full of playable demos and events, and we'll have finger foods and snacks catered in until about 4pm.
Rick, from Eagle-Gryphon Games will be back in town to take folks through Francis Drake, Rococo, and other fine games.  To sweeten things up, we'll be offering drawings for those that participate.  Play an Eagle-Gryphon Game with Rick, get your name in a drawing.   Who knows, maybe you'll go home with a free copy of a cool game.
We're also expecting an appearance from the fine folks at Cool Mini Or Not in the store, to show off some great games like Rivet Wars and Zombicide and who knows what.
Our resident modeler, Riley, will be teaching folks some painting techniques to those interested in learning the craft.  No experience or tools required – we'll even provide a model for you to practice your skills on.
We'll be teaching the X-Wing Miniature Game on a Death Star board, and anyone buying one of our starter sets will get 10% off any additional X-Wing miniatures purchased at the same time.  Already bought a starter set from us?  Let us know, and we'll honor the same deal.
For Magic players the first eight people to sign up for a draft will get in for $5.00.  $5.00 gets you three packs and a chance at a prize payout.  We'll do another $5.00 draft at 6pm (Again, for the first eight to sign up after 5pm).  We'll also run casual events throughout the day, so if you've got a deck, or want to draft, we're ready for you!
New to Magic?  We've got free learning decks for you to play with, and we can get you signed up with a Wizards account so you can playing in official events (like the $5.00 draft we mentioned above).  We're happy to teach you the basics, or pair you up with another friendly local gamer who can play a few games with you.
For D&D players, we'll be firing off a one-shot adventures once we get enough folks signed up for the day.  You can come in and sign up, and then play a few other games while the rest of your party assembles.   Raffle for a free copy of the 5E Starter Set?  Absolutely.  Just join the adventure to get your name in for a chance to win.
For those interested in miniature gaming, we'll be teaching Warhammer Fantasy as well as Warmachine and Hordes.
We'll also be running lots of other games throughout the day – whether it's casual or deep, small or large format, we'll have something going on.  And, if you want to do your own thing, we'll have tables open for you to play whatever you fancy – whether it's a game you bring in yourself, or one you pick from our growing selection of demos.
We know some folks are already planning to share their favorite games with other attendees – games like Sushi Go!, Werewolf, Lord of the Rings (the card game), Summoner Wars, and many others.
We've got more activities, prizes, and give-aways on the planning board, but you'll have to come into the store on Saturday to find out everything.  We hope to see you there!