When you're stocking a store, I'm not sure you ever feel done.  That being said, we've made a lot of progress on inventory in the store. Our walls aren't completely full, but we've got a little bit of everything.
In the Collectible Card arena, we've got quite a bit of our Magic: The Gathering product in, including boosters from every thing in Standard, some Commander packs, and several copies of the Elspeth v Kiora Duel Deck.  We've also pulled in some Weiß Schwarz boosters and decks.  We haven't cracked these open yet, but a group of gamers from Mill Creek HS play it regularly, so we're stocking it to see how it does.  And, of course, we have My Little Pony, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! in stocks as well.
We've also been approved as a Wizards Play Network site.  With any luck, we should be having our first Magic draft this weekend.
We're waiting very patiently for our Force of Will product.  Unfortunately, we missed the boat with the first set of shipments, so we've been scrambling to find an in-stock source for the products.  We do have the demo kit in the store, so if you're interested in learning how to play, our staffers would be happy to teach you.
In Miniatures land, we've got starters for Warhammer 40K, Dropzone Commander, Hordes and Warmachine.  For Hordes and Warmachine we have both the two player starter sets as well as starting armies for most factions, and we're building out our line as quickly as we can.  If you have a miniature faction you'd like us to go a little deeper on, please let us know.
Oh, and due to circumstances totally within our control, we have a deep stock of X-Wing products.  We kind of over-ordered from three or four different sources, so if you're looking to expand your fleet, we have a fair number of most everything that is currently in print.
We also have the complete line of paints from Privateer Press, Citadel, and Army Painter's Warpaints series.  If you're looking for some advanced modeling, we have a growing selection of thematic bases from Basicks and Micro Arts Studios, and we even have a complete range of LED lighting kits and accessories, as well as magnets and some pining accessories.
Beyond Magic: The Gathering, we have a lot of other Wizards of the Coast products in stock, including the starter sets for the 5th Edition of D&D, as well as copies of all the current hardcover books.  We're also stocking their D&D board games, including Dungeon, Lords of Waterdeep,  Castle Ravenloft, and several others.  We'll also be starting our Dungeons and Dragons events soon, so if you're interested in playing in the store, let us know!
Outside of D&D, we have the RPGs for Firefly, Star Wars and Shadowrun, as well as Pathfinder.  If you're looking for something a little less traditional, we also have copies of Fiasco in stock.
In the board games section, our walls are getting pretty full.  We've got product from 3 Hare Games, AEG, Bezier Games, Calliope, Days of Wonder, Eagle & Gryphon Games, Fantasy Flight Games,  Gorilla Games, Hasbro, Iello, Jolly Rogers Games, Looney Labs, Mayfair, North Star Games, Plaid Hat Games, Queen Games, Rio Grande Games, and, and. . .Honestly, we could almost list the entire alphabet, but it turns out there aren't many boardgames published by companies who's name begin with K or O, so that sort of messes things up.  We'll just say we have everything from 3 Hares to Z-Man games.  And Steve Jackson Games.  We've got a lot of Munchkin.
Things we're still waiting on include our table mats, our refrigerator, copies of Force of Will, our Battlefoam product, and a few other things that escape me at the moment.  The weather has continued to mess with our delivery schedule, but we're still hopeful we'll have everything in place for the Grand Opening on the 7th.  Either way, we intend to make it Grand!