We're extremely excited to have our Grand Opening, but the weather at the moment is refusing to cooperate.  The forecast is calling for freezing rain / sleet / dogs and cats, and we don't want to encourage anyone to be driving around in dangerous weather.
Also, due to the weather, we've had several shipment delays, and we don't want to risk having folks coming to a half-stocked store.
With that in mind, we're shifting out our Grand Opening by two weeks, so March 7th.  The good news is that this may mean that Walker, who was one of our first visitors yesterday, may be able to join us (he was unavailable on the 21st).  The other good news is that it means we have a little more time to prepare for things and make them even more awesome.
More games in the store?  Definitely.  Better table terrain and mats?  Certainly.  More painted armies to see and demo with?  Probably.  Petting Zoo?  No.
Of course, because we're moving things around, and we've advertised the opening to a lot of folks, we need your help.  If you could tweet, post, pin, poke, blog, flog, or otherwise generally let everyone know that we're moving it to March 7th, that would be fantastic.
We're going to keep normal business hours as much as we can this week.  We will be mindful of the weather, though.  If it starts to look nasty, we'll let you know, and send our staff and gamers home before the roads become too dangerous.