Recently, we updated our Rules page to remove the beta information.  We also added these two paragraphs:
“Please note that we have eight surveillance cameras positioned throughout the store.  They’re in plain sight – just look up.  These cameras are positioned to watch the gaming and retail areas, and the recordings may be used to investigate any claims of harassment or theft in the store.  They are there to protect our gamers and their stuff from folks that behave poorly.
If you ever have a personal item stolen during your time at Meeple Madness, please let us know immediately, and we will do everything we can to help you recover your things.”
As of late last week, the cameras are live.  They're HD, they're networked to a cloud service, and they're recording a boatload of video.
Theft in a store of any kind is inevitable.  It never feels good.  In some ways, it's worse in game stores, and other stores focused on community building, because the thieves are very likely to be a part of that community.  Any dirt-bag may choose to rob a Target, or pick-pocket someone in the street, but to hang out with folks, playing games with them, share in their passion for a hobby, and then slink off with their property seems like the act of a far lowlier creature.
While the cameras may also deter theft directed at our store, they are primarily in place to protect our friends from folks who choose to leech off the local community rather than support it.  We've made absolutely no attempt to hide them, and they're positioned to cover all area of Meeple Madness.  Of course, the cameras don't replace personal vigilance, so if you ever see something that doesn't look right happening in the store, please let our Staffers know, and we'll take care of it.
And, as we say on the rules page, while we can't guarantee anything, if you ever have something taken while you're visiting with us, let us know, and we'll do whatever we can to try to help you recover your property.