After a minor hiccup, our flooring was installed last week, and we think it looks awesome.  We ran into a small problem with our concrete slab, so we ended up having to put in a special underlayment to ensure the flooring would work properly and maintained its warranty.  Thankfully, our flooring folks were able to get everything done on Friday, and the results look great.
Our eldest son helped out to move all the large tables into position.  We may end up tweaking the layout but we think it looks good for opening day.  Our goal is to make sure there's plenty of room.  Right now we're budgeting six feet between the long ends of the tables, and at least five on the short ends.  That seems to give us a decent amount of space, but we won't know until folks actually get into the space to play.
And when is that going to be you ask?  Well, there are a few things we're still waiting on – the main one being our final business license from the town of Braselton.  All the paperwork is in, and we don't expect any problems, but until it's in our hands, we can't really do business in the store.
That being said, we have set a target date of Monday, February 16th for our “soft” opening, and Saturday, February 21st for our Grand Opening.
If all goes well with the business license, on noon on February 16th, we'll be in the store, with a live register, and a decent chunk of our inventory available for sale.  Of course, our tables will be available to play on that same day.
We'll be starting our normal business hours that week – noon through 10pm Monday through Thursday, and noon-midnight Friday and Saturday.  We'll be closed Sundays, and on Christmas and Thanksgiving.
For our Grand Opening, we'll be having lot of demos going on, and give aways and other things we haven't figured out yet.  You'll also be able to sign up for our Loyalty Program (if you're already a member of AppCard, you're good to go) to earn discounts and rewards for shopping with us.
If you're interested in volunteering to demo your favorite game or game system, drop us a note and let us know.  The Grand Opening is as much about the community as it is the store, so if we can showcase cool games and gamers, we'd love to do so.
Between now and the 21st, we still have a lot to do.  We have to load in our inventory (and acquire more); buy stools, chairs, and some smaller tables for the board gamers; get our demo armies finalized; train ourselves and then the staff on how to operate the store; and generally figure out what the heck this is all going to look like.
Meanwhile, it's fun to just walk around the store and not worry about getting construction dust on our feet.