We have a lot of great distributors.  I can't stress how awesome these people are.  There is, however, one distributor that we still needed to complete our line-up.  When you open up a tabletop games and hobby store, doing so without staples like Ticket to Ride or Settlers of Catan would be a bit of a challenge.  Those two titles are excellent gateway games, and the publishing houses that make them have really great line-ups beyond those iconic titles.
Our last distributor is the only company in the US that can sell us those lines – they have exclusive arrangements with folks like Mayfair Games, Days of Wonder, and Z-man Games.  Thankfully, this distributor is just as awesome as the others we've worked with.  It took a little longer to get our agreement in place, but we finally have access to their complete catalog, and will be placing an order with them very soon.
With this agreement, we now have nine large distributors to work with, as well as fourteen direct agreements with companies both large and small.  We still have another seven that we're pursuing, but we now have access to all the lines we want in the store, at least for opening day.
Having access to twenty sources for games and accessories presents some interesting logistical challenges, but it allows us to, hopefully, bring a diverse set of products into the store for our gamers.
Landing this “Last” distributor makes for a great week.  Of course, we've made progress in a lot of other areas as well, so stay tuned for more updates in a bit.