We've made a lot of behind the scenes progress, much of it done by our Land Lord.  The biggest news is that we actually have our formal lease in place.  Some of you might be thinking “You've been doing all this work without a lease?!?”  Well, no, not exactly.  But, our Land Lord is a rather wonderful guy, and didn't want to start charging us money until we could actually open for business.  When we first signed on for the property, the lease was rather. . .informal. . .
Now that he and his crew are done with the building, we've signed a more formal lease.  Of course, it's still only three pages long, but it's actually typed up and everything, so it's much more fancy.
The other important bit is that we have a lease because we have our Certificate of Occupancy with the town of Braselton.  All the inspections have been signed off, and the space is considered safe to move in.  We've submitted our final paperwork to the town, and hope to have the official license this week.
That's probably the biggest news, but we've made progress in a few other areas as well. . .
As I mentioned in a previous post, we've extended offers to four candidates.  All four have accepted, so our roster is currently full.  They're all very awesome people, and we look forward to you all meeting them when we open our doors.  There were several other people who expressed interest in working for us, so we're in the process of finalizing a permanent application that we can keep on file for when we start to expand our coverage.
We've also obtained distribution agreements from a few other folks – some smaller lines from Europe and here in the US, as well as some with more diverse product lines.  In particular, we now have access to some pretty nice chess sets, and other classic games.
Comcast has installed our internet service, but we still have to get our Wireless APs installed.  That should be done pretty soon, but since we're doing that ourselves, we have some flexibility on the timing.  Our Comcast installer is also a Warhammer 40K player, so he's planning on dropping by when the store opens.
The flooring should be installed on Wednesday.
And, of course, we've received more inventory.  We also put our first order in with Games Workshop and expect that inventory, along with a couple of display racks, to arrive on Friday of this week.  Actually, we've got orders from three different distributors coming in this week, so we'll have a bunch of stuff to catalog over the weekend.  We've also picked up a few “sample” shelves and pegs for the slat walls and did a small mock-up of how things could be display for sale on the walls.  We'll be picking up a bunch more of that stuff this week, so we can being stocking the shelves.
We should have a few busy nights this week, and a lot more to post in the next few days.  Stay tuned.