Today we saw some pretty strong progress in the store.  The biggest stuff happened on the outside, though – our twenty-five and a half foot long lighted sign was hung above our space.  It's still not lighting up yet, but it looks pretty good nevertheless.
Inside, things are shaping up quite nicely as well.  Our Carpenter, Randy (Mountain Carpentry) has the tables painted, and has hung most of the slat wall.  It's starting to look like an actual store.  Except, you know, for the lack of inventory. . .
The floor is covered in a mist of blue and green paint, so it's really good that we decided not to install the flooring this week.  We even have a fire extinguisher in case, you know. . .fire.
Tonight we also had a visit from Ms. Wheelchair Georgia 2006.  Evidently, she's a bit of a gamer nerd and, thanks to our good friend Jen Dunbar, she came out to check out our accessible gaming tables to see if they actually worked well with her chair.  Thankfully, they did.  She also gave us a run down on some things we can do to help increase the accessible nature of the store overall, which is awesome.
Beyond the storefront, we were able to log a fair amount of inventory into the POS system and get them all sticker-ed up with price tags.  Our guest bedroom is officially “full” and what should be a dining room is definitely not one at the moment.  That makes moving into the store doubly exciting – we get a brand new store and our home back.  Hooray!
We've also extended offers to a total of four part-time employees.  If they all accept our roster will be full, at least until we get through opening day and the first few months of operations.  They're all really great people, and we're thankful they've shown interest in the store.  There were also several other awesome folks who put their hats in the ring – we're keeping their info handy in case we need to expand our coverage more aggressively than anticipated.
That's the bulk of what we accomplished today.  Tomorrow we'll be in the store getting our internet access turned on, and talking with a few security companies about getting some security and safety gear installed.
Not too shabby for a Thursday.