As we mentioned early in the process, my amazing wife (pictured above amongst many primed tables in our newly painted space) and I are keeping our wonderful day jobs.  Seriously; we are blessed to work for some really great companies and really great people.
But, because we won't be in the store on a daily basis, it's even more important for us to find quality folks to run the day to day operations and take care of our customers while we're off doing other things.  We've hired our first non-family employee, and we're extremely excited that he's joining Meeple Madness.
We're wrapping up interviews this week, and once we have our complete staff all lined up, we'll start putting together some profile pages on them, so everyone can know who is who.  I must say, the quality of people we've interviewed has been fantastic, and we're extremely grateful for all the interest and enthusiasm folks are bringing to the store.
During the interviews, the number one question people asked us is “When is the store opening?”  It's the one question we can't yet confidently answer beyond “really soon.”
The walls have been painted (As you can see above), and the fixtures in the bathrooms have been installed.  We went with a soft blue for the walls.  It's called “Honest Blue.”  Given that honesty is a cornerstone of good gaming, it's appropriately named.  Blue was selected because it's supposed to be generally calming, and it goes quite nicely with the contemporary flooring we are installing.  The slat wall is a pale grey, and will have  black trim along the sides.  We want to use black as sparingly as possible, but there are some items that have limited color choices, and black ends up being rather practical for things like the register counter, display cases, etc.  White shows too much dirt, and the other options, like cherry or what not, don't really go with the flooring.
We have door handles on all our doors, and the office now locks.  The Land Lord still has a few items to check off his list, including putting glass in the office window, and seeing to a slightly dented bathroom door, but he and his crew are always quick to get things done.  At this moment, the space is ready to be approved by the town of Braselton.  That shouldn't take too long, but it could.  It involves an inspection, and the whole point of an inspection is to find out if anything needs to be changed.  We're hoping the answer is “no,” but any “yes” could set us back a bit.
Once the town has signed off on it, we can formally submit our application to town hall, and have our soft opening.
Meanwhile, our carpenter, Randy, is busy getting the tables ready before the flooring is installed.  Originally we thought we'd have the flooring done by this weekend, but we've pushed it out a week to give Randy time to hang the slat wall and paint all the tables without having to worry about getting paint on the new floors.
On Friday, the cable company will be in the space to install our internet service, and then we can start installing the wireless access points that we still have to order.
And then, and then, and then. . .We'll be able to tell you when our Grand Opening will be.