This week saw a lot of progress in the store.  Our carpenter, Randy, from Mountain Carpentry, finished building the eight large tables and was also able to use the scrap material to build us three small display tables that will perfectly hold the two foot square display boards we purchased from Phoenix a few years ago.  The image above shows one of the tables holding our fantasy bridge display.  The table is obviously unpainted, and the display board needs some touch-up work, but it gives you and idea of how it all comes together.
Randy still has to paint all the tables, but they're solidly built and we think they look fantastic.  We ended up having six of them built to counter height for standing or using stools, but he also built us two that are more accessible for wheelchair access (or for gamers who would prefer to sit in a standard chair).  The image below shows the difference in height and form.  The taller tables will have shelving (some full, some partial, like the one pictured) for storing terrain and other items, and the lower edge works as a foot rest for folks who might be using stools.  The accessible tables, of course, don't have a lower shelf, but offer the same amount of gaming space on the tabletop.
In addition to the table construction, the plumbering crew was in this week and installed our utility sink as well as the fixtures for both bathrooms.  Like the two tables mentioned above, both bathrooms are designed to be accessible, so we can accommodate just about any gamer that comes through our doors.
If everything is properly timed, by this time next week, the walls and tables should be completely painted, and we should have the flooring and slat wall installed.  Other things remain to be done, of course, but it's all getting to be very real.