Our wonderful carpenter, Randy, from Mountain Carpentry, has been hard at working building tables in the store.  The picture above shows his progress.  The painted one is near complete, and he's started an assembly line for the others.  He's building eight of the eight foot by four foot tables.  About half of them will have half shelves on the bottom, and half will have full shelves for storing terrain and other gaming tools folks can use in the store.
While the majority of the tables are counter height so folks can stand and play, or use a stool, we've had Randy build one table to be, we hope, fully wheel-chair accessible.  It has no bottom shelf or railing, of course, and is designed to provide the appropriate clearance, etc, as described by ADA guidelines.
Half of the tables will be blue, like the one pictured, and half will be a deep green.
He's also building us a few four by four tables for smaller games, as well as a couple of two by two display tables for showcasing some of the miniature games in a sort of playable diorama.  The two by two setup is actually how I first discovered Warhammer 40K years ago, and it's always been something I've wanted to recreate if we ever put our own store together.
We don't have a final count on the smaller tables yet, though, because we're waiting to make sure the space doesn't get too crowded.  On our diagrams, the eight large tables still give us plenty of room, but we'll see what reality holds for us once their actually built.