I know, right?
This week, we finally have power (and lights, and heat) in the shop.  Hooray!  That has been the biggest delay we've been dealing with.  The city inspectors had their hands full this month, apparently, and it took them a while to get our site signed off.  The good news is there were no problems on our side of the fence, but it definitely delayed things by a few weeks.
So, what are next steps?  Here's a list of the To Dos:

  • Interview and hire folks to help staff the store (in progress)
  • Purchase product to sell (in progress)
  • Enter all the product into our POS and label them for sale (in progress)
  • Round our our distribution partners (in progress)
  • Inventory Magic Singles for sale (in progress)
  • Tag and inventory all demo and loaner games and armies (in progress)
  • Select and install security system (selection in progress)
  • Build gaming tables (in progress – Mountain Carpentry)
  • Build and Install exterior sign (in progress with A1 Signs)
  • Secure the rights to sell Wizards of the Coast products (waiting on exterior sign and internal build out)
  • Install the flooring (waiting on concrete to cure)
  • Install the toilets and sinks (waiting on flooring)
  • Paint the walls
  • Build the service / paint counter
  • Get (or determine we can't get) ServSafe approval for selling yummy things in the store
  • Obtain or create battle mats for tables (samples have been ordered)
  • Repair various terrain pieces for use in the store
  • Install Slatwall (waiting until walls are painted)
  • Install display cases (waiting on flooring)
  • Schedule grand opening (waiting on everything above)

We've probably forgotten to list something, but you get the general idea.  So, enough blogging – it's time to get back to some of those ‘in progress' items.