Our first stock order is in.  Hooray!  We've picked up copies of several board and card games (Boss Monster, Guillotine, King of New York, Sushi Go, etc) along with a small collection of Chessex Dice from our local distributor, PHD Games.  They have a warehouse in Suwanee, so we were able to pick up our order and get it into our systems pretty easily.
Our stock is pretty limited right now, but we're actually able to sort of sell it online, using the Square Marketplace.  The items are available or In-Store pickup only.  The marketplace says items are ready in 15 minutes, but that's during business hours.  Right now, we're holding business hours between noon and 4pm on Saturdays.
So, in theory, Square Market should let you order things from our stock, and then you can swing by the store on a Saturday and pick it up. Having no idea how this is going to work, we're offering a pre-opening sale on everything that might be purchased through the marketplace.  Just enter the promotion code “PREOPENING” when you check out, and it should provide a 15% discount on anything you're purchasing.
For those wondering, we're ordering in small quantities right now for a couple of reasons.  The first is space – since they're still doing work at the storefront, we can't exactly store anything there.  The second is that we want to generate several small ($500-1000) transactions with each of our distributors, so we can establish a confident payment history with each of them.  While it turns out that we could buy the bulk of our stuff from one distributor, we want to ensure we have multiple sources, so we're spreading the purchases around as best we can.