I can only assume that, with any business, you there's a point where you have to go all in and start hemorrhaging the cash necessary to get things running.  We haven't exactly been skimping along the way, but as we cross over to 2015, we can now start assembling our full inventory of products, and projects like the floor, the tables, the sign, and everything else starts coming together.
Our first order will be from Dwarven Foundry.  They've been kind enough to hold our order until today.  It includes their full product line, including the new coins they just started producing.  The good folks at Eagle-Gryphon (also known as FRED) are also putting together our first order.  We'll be starting off as one of their Flagship stores.  Beyond the order, their representative is based in Nashville, and is planning to come down for our Grand Opening to demo a few of their games, which is awesome.  To round out the first batch of products, we also have orders pending from two of our distributors.  Those will get us a good stock of the Star Wars Armada products, as well as a small pile of boardgames from various publishers.
If you're interested in seeing a particular product or product line available in the store on opening day, you're welcome to hit the “Stock This!” form.  You can always find that under the Contacts menu if you think of something you'd like us to carry on a regular basis.  Even if you assume it's something we're going to stock, it would be great to hear from you.  It's always nice to get a confirmation that we're planning on having the right stuff in the store.
Outside of stocking the store, we're meeting with the flooring folks today to see if we can come to an agreement on pricing.  We've also put in our order for the large exterior sign. . .”large” meaning it's 25.6 feet wide, with 24″ internally illuminated channel letters, and a 19″ tall “Cigar Box” for the “Tabletop Games and Hobbies” subtitle.  I don't know about you, but that's pretty much the largest sign we've ever purchased.
Oh, and we're dropping of our selected paint and some cash to our carpenter so he can start working on the first gaming table.