The Big Reveal went very well.  Each of the kiddos got a Staff shirt, and then we headed over to the site to show them the progress so far.  The electricians were in the house, and one of them even helped take a group photo.  This is the best one they took – not everyone is smiling, but everyone is actually pretty excited about the prospects.  About half of us were sick, so the fact that we made it to the site was a feat in itself.
For those we haven't met, that's my lovely bride, Priya, in the front row, starting on the right.  Next to her is my eldest daughter, then my youngest daughter, and then me.  My youngest son is right behind me, and our family friend from Phoenix is in the middle.  My eldest son completes the picture, standing just above Priya.
After we took the photos, we each signed some blocking to commemorate the occasion.  Of course, it'll be hidden by drywall when the work is done, but we'll know it's there.
IMG_0098 IMG_0100 IMG_0101 IMG_0108
After going over the lay of the land at the store, we headed back home to finish out our day.  We were able to setup the register in our living room, and run it through a few tests.  The POS software is definitely missing a few features, but I'm hopeful the support folks will help me understand a different way of accomplishing what we think we want to do.
It's a pretty nice little setup, though.  The iPad case is sturdy, the cash drawer works nicely, and the thermal printer is blindingly fast.  We also received our EMV / Apple Pay reader, so we're Ready For The Future.
Beyond that, we're ready to get power turned on, and heating and lighting shouldn't be too far off.  We've added an Employment page to the website as well, in case folks are interested in helping out with projects, or working in the store on a regular basis.
And, now that the kids have started talking, it's time to let the rest of our friends in on the secret. . .