Well, it seems like we've actually been able to keep this secret from the kids pretty well.  Tomorrow morning we'll have a little Pre-Christmas breakfast, and we'll give them all Staff shirts, and tell them about the store plans.  Hopefully they'll be as excited as we are.
In addition my four children, we have a family friend in from Arizona.  He's practically family, so we've got a shirt for him as well, and we'll take him over, along with everyone else, to see the storefront after breakfast.   Meanwhile, here are a couple of photos showing the progress we've made over the last few days.
That's Randy, from Mountain Carpentry.  He's doing the blocking before the drywall is installed.  He's blocking out 16 foot areas for the slat wall that will be installed later in the project.
This is the most recent photo – The electricians are installing the conduit, panel, and outlets, etc.  On the right edge of the photo, you can see some of Randy's blocking.  There are four sixteen foot sections done that way so far, and he was working on the remaining ones tonight, so I suspect they'll be done in the morning.
We have also, apparently, passed our “wall cover up inspection,” so it's time to get electrical service setup under the business.  We won't be moved in for a bit, but having electricity will make the build-out smoother, and we can turn the heaters on (once they're installed) to speed up the concrete curing process (at least in theory).
Here's hoping tomorrow's reveal goes well. . .