If you haven't seen the Dwarven Foundry products, you should really take a peek.  They're beautiful metal dice sets, along with mats and pouches.  After a fortuitous Twitter exchange, the good folks at the Foundry have agreed to let us stock their products in our store.  We'll have their complete line on Opening Day, and we'll have a house set on hand for folks to check them out before purchasing.
We also managed to sign up with another distributor, so we now have seven distribution agreements in place, and other eight that we're still pursuing.  At least three of the eight will have to wait until the shop-fitting is done, but we're confident we'll have strong line-up for opening day.
Beyond that, we've settled on a POS System for the store, and should be placing that order in the next week or two.  We've decided to go with LightSpeed Retail rather than Crystal Commerce for the main register.  We really like what Crystal Commerce offers in terms of selling online Magic singles, and I think they're someone we'll work with in the future.  But for the first year, we really want to focus on the physical storefront, and Lightspeed offers a few things that haven't yet been implemented in Crystal Commerce.
The others we looked at – Revel, NCR Silver, Shopify, etc, all lacked in some way, most notably in the area of sales support.  Only Crystal and Lightspeed were really willing to talk through the entire process, from customer workflows to payment integration, etc, and they both really helped me understand  the possibilities of their products.
If we were going to ramp up Magic Singles on day one, we'd definitely add a dedicated Crystal Commerce terminal to accomplish that.  But, until we've built up a strong rapport with the folks walking through the door, and have established great customer service on site, the online stuff is going to have to wait.