We've started the process of inventorying some of the terrain pieces we have, to see how we're setup for opening day.  I thought it would be useful to include a few pictures, so anyone visiting knows what we're talking about.  Many of the items we have will need to be touched up or repaired.  These were purchased a few years back, when a nearby game store, Phoenix Games, closed its doors for good.  The items were used in their store, up until the day it closed.  We received them, as part of a bulk purchase, a few weeks later, and boxed them up and put them into storage for a bit.
The first set is a discontinued model from Games Workshop / Forgeworld.  It's four pieces, including a large Inn.  It's a wonderful set, and was painted by some of the local folks at Phoenix.  It's primarily used for Warhammer Fantasy, but could also help set a scene for Dungeons and Dragons or any other fantasy world.
Thankfully, these pieces have little or no damage.  They're a bit dusty, but other than that, they're ready for the table.  We also have several sets of aged trees, also from Games Workshop.  These will need a bit of touch up.  I don't know if they lost leaves before we bought them, or what happened, but a few of the limbs have exposed unpainted plastic, which means something broke at some point.
The other pictures are two of the demo boards we have.  The first is a nice fantasy bridge, and the second is a street from a Warhammer 40K city.  The boards at 24 inches square, and we'll be using them to showcase some of the starter armies (like Dark Vengeance or Blood Island), and to show folks how to play the basics of the game.