Last night we sent out applications to two of the distributors we want to work with, and today we've received approvals for both of them, which is absolutely awesome.  We're still applying to other distributors to fill out our inventory but, so far, we have access to a massive set of miniature products.
This includes Privateer Press and a lot of the Games-Workshop products (40K and Fantasy) and supplies.  We also have access to Mantic's catalog, Soda Pop Miniatures, Fantasy Flight Games (including Star Wars Miniatures) and a host of other cool games.  And, we've gotten access to some nice skirmish miniature games like Deep Wars from Antimatter Games.  I backed the DeepWars back in 2012.  and received a set of painted figures for a couple of their factions.  They're beautiful models, and it'll be awesome to have them on display in the store.
Oh, and Chessex dice, and tons of different paints, and modeling tools and green stuff and gaming mats, oh my!