The holidays are slowing things down a bit, but we've made some solid progress.
The sign for the Pylon has been ordered, which means we've finalized our logo, which is nice.  It's basically the one you've seen before, with a slightly wider stroke from the meeple.  We'll be updating the website and other online banners for consistency soon.
We've also opened up our first online store selling Meeple Madness apparel and mugs.  Nothing terribly fancy, but we can order some to have in stock at the store and, of course, anyone interested can actually buy them online.  We're using Spreadshirt for the store; they have a nice design studio, and the pricing is pretty reasonable.  Also, we ordered samples from them and Zazzle, and we preferred the quality of the Spreadshirt products.  Their material was nicer, the printing clearer,  We're still waiting for them to approve a couple of the vector graphics we've submitted so, at the moment, only the short-hand logo is available on items.
The site has been prepped for having the floor poured, and the plumbing has been moved so that it fits within the interior wall of the bathroom.
We also filed for a trademark for Meeple Madness (With the “a” being a Meeple), so we'll see how that turns out.
We've received revised quotes for POS systems, and are still researching a good banking and payroll provider.
We've also told a few more people about the project, to solicit ideas and start building some excitement around the store.  The kids are still in the dark, though, so we're still hoping for a Christmas Reveal.